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August 21, 2015

Review: The SEAL's Angel by Petie McCarty

by Claire Rees

cover The Seal's Angel
The Seal's Angel is the third book in Petie McCarty's Mystery Angel Romances, but the books are all stand alones. Mac is part of a military black ops unit. He had been told that his partner is dead and has been discovered to have been a traitor to their government. Mac argues against this unable to believe that the man he thought of as a brother for all these years would be a traitor.

Mac’s new assignment is to go undercover to his partners old home and see if he had sent his sister Cory anything to do with the mission.

The only thing is that Mac had not seen Cory for years. Ever since they fell in love and he ran away back to the military without even saying goodbye. Even though he feels he had a good reason for doing so he doesn't know if Cory will feel the same way.

When she realises who Mac really is, she is hurt.

Then when her life is threatened by the mission,  Mac finally admits to her how much he wants her. But nothing is ever easy for them and some Syrians get in the way. People get hurt, but finally the Syrians are caught and Mac has to decide whether to stay with Cory at the ranch or whether to return to the only proper life he has ever known, the military.

I read this book in one sitting, I was addicted to the ‘will they, won't they’ situation that Mac and Cory were in. The characters had such a life like feel to them that I often found myself huffing about the way they spoke to each other or the things that they didn't say to each other but wanted to.

I recommend The Seal's Angel to all who love a good story line with strong characters.

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Book info
available formats: ebook and print (224 pages)
published: April 2015 by Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN13: 978-1612525877
genres: romance
read: August 2015

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