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August 16, 2015

The White Thread Read Along and Giveaway: Chapters 13 - 18 @KBHoyle_author

by Donna Huber

cover The White Thread by K. B. Hoyle
We continue our discussion of The White Thread (The Gateway Chronicles #3) by K. B. Hoyle. We ended last week on a sad note with a death of an important secondary character.  And Darcy's secret is almost revealed.

I think it important that we see Darcy being able to make the healing remedy, even if she had to consult a book to be sure. I think in a small way it shows how she is becoming part of Alitheia. And all the secret keeping she has been trying to keep has been in vain Rubidius already knows. I don't know how she didn't think he knew. I made comment of it in our discussion of The Six. Any nurse or healer worth anything would have wondered why that hand was colder when they were caring for her after they rescued her. But then again, don't we all like to think that no one knows of our shame, our sin?

Chapter 13 was quite the busy chapter. There's a riot of some sort going on outside the castle. You would think they would all be mourning their losses and regrouping after the battle that had ensued earlier in the day. A battle that was ultimately won. But it gives us and the six a glimpse of the unrest and discord among the citizens of Alitheia. It also pushes Darcy and Tellius together once more as she races to his side in effort to discover what is going on.

And to add to the already busy chapter there's an assassin in Tellius's room!

Tellius gets "in trouble" for using the secret passage in his room, but I don't really understand why. Why couldn't he use it? I can understand the nark being upset that the door wasn't locked, but to forbid him to use it seems a little excessive. Sure that meant he was leaving his room when the guards that he was in his room, but the assassin didn't get in because Tellius was using it to go to the Hall of Tapestries.

It's a good thing narks don't gossip (at least I would assume they don't - it doesn't seem like it would be part of their character) because even in Darcy's world it would be suspect why she was alone with Tellius in his room and having snuck into his room.

Chapter 14 was a chapter of revelation, whether Darcy and the others knew it or not. Clues that would give them answers to some of the big questions they have - a way to rescue Yahto Veli, where to look for the Oracle's lair, and the location of another gateway. Did you see the answers?

There journey to rescue Yahto Veli begins after Darcy helps Lewis figure out that he has already written what they needed to know and with the help of her air magic where to start looking for the Oracle.

Colin (is it really Colin) knows they are leaving as he appears as an apparition once again to Darcy. In The Oracle he appeared to her in the caves but no one else saw him. It seems that once again no one else sees him. Is it because of her curse?

Amelia poses a good question at the end of chapter 15,
I don't get the the connection between the two, though," Amelia said, "What do Colin and the crows have to do with each other? An why would Tselloch even care that we are going to rescue Yahto Veli?
Just because they are on an adventure, they don't get out of lessons with Rubidius. At least not at the beginning of the journey.

It is interesting how often Tellius and Darcy wind up alone. But it is difficult for her to get time alone with Perry.

Oh we are introduced to another mythical creature - zephyra. Interesting side note - if you look up zephyra in the dictionary it has two definitions.
1. literary - a soft gentle breeze.
2. historical - a fine cotton gingham

I just find it interesting that a word has two so completely different meanings. It's a word nerd thing.

Hoyle seems to have a knack for ending chapters with a pivotal  moment. Chapter 16 ends with Perry declaring Darcy his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy. Can we say awkward moment coming up next?

While a typical teen scene as they try to explain away "girlfriend" it still provides some levity in what has become quite a downer in plot. Another time honored passage of teen life is deciding who is more important - a teen love interest or your best friend? Did Amelia really believe she could get through to Perry about what his relationship with Darcy would do to Sam?  I always kind of liked Perry, he seemed like a nice guy that would be a good friend. But in The White Thread we see a different side of him. He seems more self-centered. In the beginning of the book when Darcy is chatting with him on the internet we start to see it as he goes on and on about his sports and his life without even realizing Darcy isn't really listening.

They are still pondering the white thread... Why didn't they put the white thread back when the tapestries where being restored? At first I thought they were woven tapestries and it could be very difficult to do, but somewhere there was mention tiny holes more like the thread was sewn into the tapestry like embroidery.

The zephyra doesn't want them to continue to the archipelago. She seemed to have been helpful up til now. Why the change of heart do you think? Does it have to do with the old sailor tales of a "Bermuda triangle? Or is there another reason she wants them to go off course?

We end this week's discussion by going ashore Theanisi. Sam gets to go on a mini adventure on her "own". She is often left behind or only gets to go when the whole group goes. But it makes since with her talent that she should be part of scouting parties. I always thought it was wrong that she stayed behind when they traveled in The Oracle. I mean, really if she is the companion shouldn't she always be along?

But back to Theanisi. I often forget just how long Alitheia has been under Tselloch's influence if not control until something like them meeting the people of Theanisi and learning that they are descendants of Alitheia refugees.

Are you getting the no feeling about this place?

What do think about this "side trip"? What do you think its importance was to the characters? to the story?  Why do you think Hoyle decided to include it?

I think it was to show that there are other evils in the world outside of the evil that is Tselloch. They are there to return balance to to the world and rid Alitheia of Tselloch, but there will still be evil present. I'm sure there are people there, maybe even Tellius and the six, who think once Tselloch is gone that Alitheia will be paradise. I think part of me thought so. Isn't that how fairytales go? You banish the evil witch and everything is idyllic?

While The Gateway Chronicles is fantasy and has a prince, it is not a fairytale. What do you think? Am I just rambling?

Join me next week to see if Darcy and the gang escapes with all their throats intact. And remember to enter the giveaway:

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