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August 23, 2015

The White Thread Read Along: Chapters 19-24 @KBHoyle_author

by Donna Huber

cover the White Thread
We are nearing the end of The White Thread by K. B. Hoyle and they have yet to fulfill any purpose this year. There were two things they could do this year: 1. investigate the possibility of a gateway near Fobos and 2. rescue Yahto Veli from the Oracle. They chose the latter (though Rubidius sent a scouting party of Fobos). However, there sea voyage to where they think the Oracle's lair is has been thwarted and they are marooned on the island of Theanisi.

Why is it that Darcy always seems to witness the most gruesome of horrors? She has just witnessed a man's throat being ripped out by a goddess like creature. And now she has to save her friends, which proves a bit difficult as they all believe they are in utopia.

It is kind of interesting that there have been times in the past years that Darcy has felt alone and abandoned and done some rash things as result. This time she really is alone, in that they are incapable of helping her, but she stops and thinks. Another good sign that she is maturing.

Darcy can become a master cat burglar as she can magically unlock doors! I wonder if Rubidius was thinking it would strengthen her magic skills if he locked the door. He knew she could "break and enter" if she wanted to and I'm assuming if he really didn't want her going in there without his permission he could have created a more secure spell.

Amelia has a bit of a fight in her. She seems to have a bit more of  a role in this book as does her talent.

I wonder why Apeti and the rest of the villagers are so upset about Darcy and Amelia breaking the enchantment. Are they just worried about upsetting Thea? Have they felt her anger before? Do they suspect something more is going on, but can't hold on to the suspicion because of the enchantment?

Ooh, Perry and Darcy are alone in a room...together. I think it is kind of funny that Darcy questions why they are alone. Darcy gets her first kiss! And there's no fireworks. Do you remember your first kiss? Was it any good?

Not only are there no fireworks, Darcy gets the big, fat NO feeling from it. Too bad she didn't figure it out sooner because a lot of people are going to be hurt and the boat isn't that big for all the teenage angst and melodrama that'll result.

Poor Tellius. Even after seeing Darcy and Perry kissing he is willing to defend Darcy. When will she get a clue?

My feelings about Perry mirror Tellius's,
"He's become arrogant and conceited, and he treats other people's feelings with indifference."   
Did this section of the book feel slower to anyone else? I wonder if it was purposeful - to give us the same feeling of a long voyage that the characters were feeling. You know like those long boring car trips where the kids asking incessantly "are we there yet?" Granted, Sam is dealing with an awful bout of seasickness, even she can't help by ask "how much longer?"

But the storm does give Tellius and Darcy some bonding time which is definitely needed to repair the rift that the Perry incident caused.  Though the bonding almost results in losing Darcy overboard.

And it is a good thing that she was mending things with Tellius because Sam just found out. Sam has always been a bit more on the mature side and even with her heartbreaking she still demonstrates that. While forgiveness isn't easy or quickly coming she knows she will forgive Darcy. How many of us, in the midst of a betrayal, can say that?

What do you think of the "white thread held in the balance" revelation? I think the first time through I was more on the captain's side.

With Amelia attending to Sam and Dean no doubt basking in having Perry back to himself, we get to see a bit more of Lewis. He's always been in the background, quietly observing. But when he does speak there is usually a well thought out usefulness to what he is saying.

We get a hint that perhaps Lewis has developed feelings for Sam that are beyond just best friend feelings. Or maybe not. Maybe he just has great admiration for Sam and his defense of her qualities is nothing more than a brotherly type affection. What do you think?

I think the most interesting part of the story is the exchange of dreams. It is an interesting plot choice. It allows Darcy and Tellius to reveal their innermost darkness without having to say a word. One of the biggest adages in the how to write discussions is that writers must show their readers and not just tell them. In away that is what Hoyle is doing with her characters. Sure she could have had Darcy and Tellius sit down and bare their souls to one another, but the emotional impact on the the person hearing the revelation may not have been as great.

I don't mind going to the zoo and seeing snakes or handling them at the nature center, but snakes just slithering around gives me the creeps me out. Soa the whole scene with the water and snakes and the boat being swarmed. was difficult to read.

But Tellius, with some help from Darcy, saves the day. What do you think about Tellius and Darcy experiencing a coroneia? I thought they were kind of rare, but Darcy has experienced twice this year.

But not all is well. Darcy has been bitten and again their journey is postponed. What do you think of Rubidius's sacrifice?

And their journey hasn't been totally impeded while Darcy recovers - Dean and the others have been scouting the island looking for the lair. And perhaps they have made the most useful of discoveries during this time.

Next week we will conclude our reading of The White Thread. Will Darcy be able to rescue Yahto Veli? Will they be able to return to Alitheia? I hope you join me next week and remember to enter the giveaway.

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