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August 9, 2015

The White Thread #ReadAlong & Giveaway: Chapters 7-12 @KBHoyle_author

by Donna Huber

cover The White Thread
I'm having trouble slowing down with this book. I just want to plow right thrfough, but part of the reason for this read along is to enjoy the books. I flew through each book as it was released the first time around and I would like to absorb more of the details of the story this time.

I always wanted to learn to fence and the swordplay with Tellius sounds like a lot of fun. But I don't think I could take the 4:30 am wake up call (though I did get up pretty early for swim team practice when I was there age).

I do like the growing relationship between Tellius and Darcy. I have said it from the beginning that the two needed a project and not forced to get to know one another through "interviews". And it seems to be working.

What do you think of Rubidius's reaction to finding Tellius teaching Darcy to use a sword?

I love the video game references for the effect of a coroneia. And the conversation comes back around to marriage between Tellius and Darcy.

What do you think of Voitto Vesa's trip to see the Oracle? The things people do for love, right? I mean, in a round about way the reason Darcy went to see the Oracle was a question of love. Would it be determined for her who she was to love and marry or was it her choice.

Were you nervous about Vesa telling Darcy the oracle?

It is nice thought that Vesa is willing to give Darcy the fighting chance to go on the journey to rescue Yahto Veli. She could have just told Rubidius instead of her.

The oracle:
With unraveled image, journey begins.
In error undone, destiny wins.
Pen of the Scribe shows the way.
Music, life-giving, holding sway
Held in the balance, the white thread reveals
The path, through lily fields
To serpent-eaters, down the hole
Once navigated the arcipelago.
Breath of life, breath-ed once,
Broken bond of covenant.
This probably the only downside of re-reading The Gateway Chronicles is that I know what the oracles mean. I remember the fun (and frustration) of finding out bit by bit what the riddle means. I've never been good at riddles so it took me a while to figure them out. This one was at least a more straight forward. Then again they needed to work it out over the course of one book and not the entire series.

It is interesting that Rubidius is treating Darcy as more than a child in chapter 9. Do you think she is more mature? She does seem to be trying to make better decisions this year.

Now the pressure is on Lewis. He hasn't really had much of a role in the previous two books so it will be nice to get to know him a bit more.

Though Darcy has little faith in her ability to work out the oracle, she does make an important discovery along with Amelia and Sam. And though it seemed in chapter 9 that Rubidius had confidence in Darcy's intelligence, in chanpter 11 he seemed surprised they had figured out part of it. Or was it because the answer was in the Hall of Tapestry? Darcy takes so much personally (I don't blame her I was the same. She thought everyone was accusing her of hurting Vesa.

We get more Tellius and Darcy time in the middle of the night. I think I like their interactions even better this time around.

What do you think about the history of the Ecclektos family? I don't think I realized how long they had been in hiding. His great-grandparents went into hiding. No wonder the people of Alitheia are frustrated.

And now everyone knows that Tellius is giving Darcy sword lessons. Well, they know they are doing something alone in the weapon room. It is also a catatlyst to a defining moment in Perry and Darcy's relationship. Poor Sam!

We get a closer look at the town surrounding the castle and meet one of Alitheia's loyal spies.

I'm glad Tokala is still making appearances. I don't think I noticed him much in my first reading, but he has definitely caught my attention this time around. Is there a character that you didn't notice until subsequent readings?

And now I know why I had a bad feeling about Badru during The Oracle. I was just a book off.

Oh and Darcy's secret is almost discovered when Tellius gets a little fancy with real swords. What do you think everyone's reaction be if the knew? I would hope they would be understanding, but I think a few may be reproachful. But most saw what bad shape she was in when they rescued her so I don't think those closest to her would be mad at her. I think they would be shocked, but want to help her. But I also get that she doesn't want to share her shame with the world or even those closest to her.

Next week we will discuss chapters 13 through 18 and be sure to enter the giveaway below.

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