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October 8, 2015

Make Promotional Plans for the Holidays Now

by Donna Huber

Christmas-themed M&M's
Christmas-themed M&M's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whether you are an author looking to increase book sales or a blogger wanting to increase readership, you should be planning your holiday promotions now.

Ideas for Authors

If you saw the list of new releases this month you saw there were a few Christmas books. If you are an author and have a Christmas themed book set to come out you should be looking to release it by the second week of November or at the very least set it up for pre-order.

But before we get to Christmas, lets talk about another holiday that can benefit horror, supernatural, and thriller writers - Halloween. This is your month. Even if you don't have a new book out this month you can run promotions on your back list. Slash the price to give a boost to sales.

Whether you reduce the price or not, be sure to do a media blitz. Create a few graphics and craft some promotional messages that your street team can share on social media. Contact a few of your blogging friends to see if they can run a guest post or an excerpt. If you blog, consider posting a little something special - never before scene set in the world of your book.

Ideas for Bloggers

There are a variety of posts you can do that around the holidays that will bring new readers to your site.

Recommended reading lists are always a big hit. Last year I did a Thrills & Chills list while Claire supplied a list of horror novels. For Black Friday, Girl Who Reads publishes a Holiday Buying Guide with recommended books to give as gifts.

One of the things that a lot of people are looking for this time of year are craft ideas. You can do your own search for literary related crafts and do a post linking to them. If you are crafty yourself and have a great book related project then definitely share it with your readers. Be sure to take pictures as your post will be a hit on Pinterest.

What promotional plans do you have for the holidays? 

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  1. I set up a few events for the Halloween holiday and now I'm working on Christmas. I show my list of reads and have people choose the order in which I should review the books. Makes it fun and spontaneous.

    1. That sounds fun. Maybe I will try that the next time I can't figure out which book to read next.