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February 17, 2016

Review: Fifty Percent Vampire by D.K. Janotta

review by Claire Rees

Fifty Percent Vampire

Living with your mother and stepfather can be difficult at the best of times, but it's even worse when they are full vampires and you are a half vampire. Add to that an evil, sadistic stepbrother and your life can be downright miserable. This is the life of seventeen year old Astrid Sonnschein, until she convinces her mother and stepfather, George, to let her stay with her mother's human sister and go to school in the human world.

Life in the human world is ten times better, despite the bullies and the boys that get too hands on.

Astrid soon finds a group of close friends and is attracted to the town's young police officer, Michael Hanson.

Life in the human world doesn't seem so bad after all until the other boys she has shown an interest in and even her enemy get murdered and the police see her as a possible suspect.

Half of the town agree, even with no evidence to back it up. But Officer Mike is not so easily convinced and seems to like Astrid as much as she likes him.

More threats come from the vampire world with the ultimatum, get turned or die, but Astrid is determined to stand up and fight for the human life she so dearly craves.

The story line was good and the characters, believable and likeable, well some of them, others were horrid and easy to hate.

The ending was a little surprising but good and I think that I would enjoy reading a book two.

I recommend Fifty Percent Vampire to young adults and adults alike who love coming of age, supernatural stories.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook (281 pages)
published: September 2015 by Blue Tom Publications
genres: paranormal romance
target audience: young adult
source: author

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