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February 18, 2016

Fantasically written: Killer Kolada by Sybil Hodge

review by Elisa Hordon

Killer Kolada

Welcome back to Danger Cove! A sleepy little seaside town where murder seems an everyday occurrence.

Killer Colada is book 9 in the Danger Cove series and the second book in this series for Sibel Hodge.
Danger Cove is the brain child of author Elizabeth Ashby, she works alongside other authors such as Sibel Hodge, Jennifer Fischetto, Traci Andrighetti and more to bring Danger Cove to life.

Killer Colada brings us back to Hope Foster and the Smugglers Tavern. It's set a few months after Hope's boss Bob is murdered leaving Hope his heir and number one suspect in his murder which she is eventually exonerated from and Hope helped bring the killer to justice.

In Killer Colada, Hope finds yet another dead body when her dear friend Ruby takes her for what was meant to be a relaxing afternoon of crystal therapy. It turns out crystal therapy is not that relaxing when you find your healer dead at her kitchen table.

I just love the Danger Cove mysteries; they are all written fantastically. Killer Colada was no exception I loved Hope in the first book and she is even better in this one. It was great reading that Hope and Harvey's budding romance is in full bloom, even if his crazy ex coming to town stirs up Hopes insecurities it all works out in the end. Harvey is just crazy about Hope, but his work is demanding and he is worried about losing Hope because they never seem to have enough time to spend together. When Harvey's boss at the university sends his ex-girlfriend to help him with his work Harvey is beside himself that this could push Hope away forever especially when his ex- girlfriend seems to be going out of her way to pursue Harvey, but he makes it very clear he is not interested and when her scheming ways end up getting her hurt she leaves town for good. I loved it when Harvey stood up for himself and Hope. He showed how much he truly cares for Hope. I was getting frustrated with Harvey throughout this book as he seemed so distracted by his work I really wondered if he wanted to break up with Hope but, no, I think in the end Harvey was worried he would push Hope away because his work is so crazy busy.

Rosie and Vernon are back as well. They both help Hope out at the tavern and with solving the murder all the while ignoring their feelings for each other. I love Rosie and Vernon: the love/hate relationship they have works for them as does ignoring their feelings for each other. They really are just used to pushing each other away; it's normal for them. When Vernon has a health scare though Rosie doesn’t hesitate in moving the crusty old ex-FBI agent in with her to take care of him. Vernon is a great guy, his character is strong and he is extra protective of those he loves especially Rosie and Hope. Vernon goes about helping them in his quiet way, he watches, offers advice, does some research for them and protects them when he can and, yes, Vernon also gets frustrated that his girls get themselves into trouble so often.

Killer Colada is well written engaging mystery with strong characters who can see the funny side of life amidst the chaos surrounding them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Killer Colada and I would recommend everyone to give the Danger Cove Mysteries a visit. They are all wonderful books that can be read as stand alone stories or as a series.

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book info:
available formats: ebook and paperback (194 pages)
published: January 2016 by Gemma Halliday Publishing
ISBN13: 978-1523321131
genres: cozy mystery

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  1. I have read and love all of the Danger Cove books. Each author co-writes their own story about a specific establishment and friends / residents with Elizabeth Ashby who is a resident of Danger Cove and appears in each of the stories. I'm so glad that each author is writing more than one book in this series, I hope it goes on for a long time!

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