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March 17, 2016

Thrilling Stories ~ All Things #Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse

review by Claire Rees

All Things Zombie

Love all things zombie? Then you will love these little bite sized stories from various authors bright to you by ATZ publishing. From diary entries to third person to first person stories they will keep you on the edge of your seat as each of the characters battle to stay alive, during the zombie apocalypse. Some of the characters are normal civilians like you and me, going about their day to day jobs and attending college, others are trained military personnel with special weapons at their disposal but each faces a very dangerous journey.

Most are sad and horrific as the characters have lost at least person that they loved, others are almost funny.

I have to say that I loved each and every story in this book, as each one had its own unique spin on the zombie apocalypse, I honesty cannot choose a favorite, they all kept me glued to the book, unable to put it down for more than a few moments at a time.

I would recommend this to all of you who live and love zombies and even if  you feel you are too busy to read a full book, this book with its multiple short stories would be perfect for you. So many thrilling stories by so many talented authors, looking forward to the next collection.

Buy All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse at Amazon

Book info:
available formats:ebook (573 pages)
published: February 2016 by ATZ Publications
genres: horror

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