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June 9, 2016

Bloggers & Authors Wanted for Big Summer Book Giveaway Event

Let's celebrate summer with a BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Who doesn't love to receive books in the mail? One lucky winner will win a box filled with books from great authors in various genres. Due to shipping costs, the giveaway will be open to US addresses only.

Info for Bloggers: (info for authors is below the blogger signup form)

I'm looking for book bloggers interested in hosting the giveaway on their blogs.

In order to participate, you must be willing to feature one or more of the books in the giveaway in a blog post between July 1 and July 31.

The Rafflecopter code and a list of participating authors and book titles will be provided by the end of June.

As a Thank You for hosting the giveaway, each blogger will receive 1 social media link on the Rafflecopter and may choose 1 ebook from the list of books being donated for the giveaway. You are not required to provide a review of the ebook, though I'm sure the author would be hugely grateful if you did.

Depending on interest, I may set up a Facebook event to promote the giveaway. Bloggers may sign up to host a 1 hour slot. (The event would take place on Friday-Sunday; weekend to be determined)

I'm hoping for at least 15 bloggers to participate.

Info for Authors:

Get your book(s) in front of new readers with this giveaway.

To participate, you must be willing to donate at least 1 paperback title for the giveaway. Also, you must be willing to provide an ebook copy of the title should it be chosen by a blogger(s) as their thank you gift (up to 3 copies).

You may provide swag in addition to the paperback, but it is not required.

Authors of all genres are welcome to donate a book.

I will be handling the shipping of the prize pack and will provide you with my mailing address after you sign up. Please have the book to me by the end of June.

Each participating author will receive 1 social media link on the Rafflecopter.

If there is enough interest, I may also create a Facebook event to promote the giveaway. Authors can sign up to host a 1 hour slot during the event. (The party would take place Friday - Sunday; weekend to be determined).

If I have more than 10 authors interested, I may decide to offer a second prize pack.

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