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June 16, 2016

Quick Tip for More Facebook Page Likes

by Donna Huber

Are you missing this easy way of increading likes on your Facebook page?

It is wonderful when your Facebook content gets shared by others on their timelines. For me it is often an author who wants to show of the awesome review their book received at Girl Who Reads. Then their friends and fan like the post (the one that is my page). However, that person hasn't visited my page and therefore haven't liked.

Or perhaps they saw the post when one of their friends liked the post on my page and then they likes the post.  Either way, there are people are liking posts on my page that have not liked my page.

Hopefully if they liked one post on my page they will like (as in enjoy, not the Facebook "like") other things I post. But unless they "liked" my page, they won't see all the wonderful content I share.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to address this issue. You invite them to like your page.

First, click on the line that shows who has liked your post. The list of people will pop up that looks like this:

It will show you who has liked your page and who hasn't liked your page. For those who have not liked your page, the buton will say "invite" (once you click it, the box changes to "invited"). Now the ball is in their court.

Will everyone like your page? Probably not. As you can see in the image above, two people whom I've invited to like my page have not responded to the invitation. But more often than not, the person will like my page after being invited.

Will this get you a ton new likes? Not really. But it doesn't take much time to click the button and every new like means your reach goes a little bit further. And since they already liked something you posted, it is pretty good odds that you will be able to convert them into a true fan. (Unlike with some Facebook liking schemes such as giveaway entries).

So the next time you post on your Facebook page, don't leave potential likes on the table. Take a second to check out who liked it and make sure they have liked your page.

And since we are talking about gaining likes on Facebook pages, have you liked mine yet?

Leave a link to your Facebook page in the comments so we can all check them out.

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  1. A bit confused -- I liked the page ages ago - not individual posts but the main Facebook page for girl-who-reads. Why does it show above that I haven't?

    1. A few months back FB did a clean up of Likers and removed anyone that hadn't been active. Perhaps you liked the page and then never did anything (comment, like, share) during the period FB looked at and so they removed your page like.

    2. Oops! I hadn't realized FB did a clean up. Will need to go back and make sure all the pages I "liked" I still show as "liking." Thanks for the info.

  2. Ha! That cleanup makes a lot of sense. I always wondered where "unlikes" came from. Also thanks for this great post! I will definitely do that from now on!