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June 15, 2016

Secrets Abound in This Boring Town ~ Town Secrets by Scott Gelowitz

by Claire Rees

Town Secrets
Imagine growing up in a boring town, nothing to do and nowhere go. Then the news reports start that whole towns have been turned into ghost towns overnight. Reports of a strange mist and then suddenly house doors are ripped apart and windows smashed, the residents of the towns have not been found.

This is the life of Adam, and his three friends, Mark, Jimmy and Kevin.

One morning whilst Mark is waiting for his friends in his garage he discovers some photographs and a pin that once belonged to his deceased father. Desperate to know more about his father, the boys go to town hall to look at old records and start to uncover the best kept secret in their town.

Now the ramblings of the local looney don't seem so looney after all.

They discover secret doors and tunnels under their town.Adam loves the adventure and feels it is bringing him closer to his father. That is until the mist arrives at their town also.

Now it is up to Adam and the boys to try to save the town on their own as they can no longer trust their adults.

Town Secrets kept me glued to the pages the whole way through. I loved the secret doorways and tunnels, the keys and the secret society.

Scott Gelowitz is very imaginative and I really enjoyed the trials Adam went out through at the end. The writing was descriptive and I could almost feel the excitement or disappointment that the characters felt. The ending was good and I already have book two on my To Be Read list.

I recommend Town Secrets to all who love secret tunnels and caves and magic linked to elements, mysterious symbols and secret leagues.

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Claire Rees, reviewer. Claire lives in a small village in the South Wales Valleys, UK with her husband, two kids and five snakes. She will hopefully be starting an English literature course this September. She has always loved reading books. Her favorite genres are horror, mystery and fantasy, although if the story line is good she'll read anything. Connect with Claire on Facebook.

Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (334 pages)
published: September 2014
ISBN13: 978-1502381316
target audience: middle grades/young adult
genre: science fiction

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