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June 23, 2016

Review: Giovanni Goes to Med School by Kathy Bryson

by Claire Rees

Giovanni Goes to Med School
Giovanni is a typical medical student. He is doing well in his position at the hospital but with his debt growing out of control he decides he needs to get a job; any job he can get, and at this moment in time it's in the hospital morgue. The night shift. Away from the weird morgue manager, who seems to be eager to get away from the place.

The job should be easy right? All of the patients are dead, and do not really require any attention.

At first all is going great, everything is quiet until one of his dead patients becomes the undead, she is sitting up, walking around and talking to him, making sure her dog is ok. But is also starting to decompose and is causing all sorts of problems.

He doesn't tell anyone because who would believe him? that is until after a few macabre meetings and a run in with another med student who he can share his concerns too and introduce to his horrifying visitor.

An enjoyable read and far from any other zombie story I've ever read.

I would recommend this to all zombie lovers to get a feel of a different type of zombie tale.

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Claire Rees, reviewer. Claire lives in a small village in the South Wales Valleys, UK with her husband, two kids and five snakes. She will hopefully be starting an English literature course this September. She has always loved reading books. Her favorite genres are horror, mystery and fantasy, although if the story line is good she'll read anything. Connect with Claire on Facebook.

Book info:
available formats: ebook (70 pages)
published: March 2016
genres: fantasy, humor

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