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July 25, 2016

#BigBookGiveaway - Rook by @JCAndrijeski #MondayBlogs

cover of Rook
There's only a week left to enter the Big Book Giveaway where 2 winners will win 10 books each. You do need a US address to enter. With the variety of genres represented, there is just about something for everyong in this giveaway. There is even a few young adult books in the mix. Today I am featuring cyberpunk novel Rook (Allie's War #1) by 5 time USA Today best selling author JC Andrijeski.

Like most humans, Allie's spent her life distancing herself from Seers, a race of human-like beings discovered on Earth in the early 1900s. That changes after catching her boyfriend in the arms of a hot band groupie, and Allie goes from San Francisco artist slacker to the girl wearing the GPS anklet in about sixteen seconds. Being stuck with community service is the least of her problems, though, compared to the shock of discovering who--and what--she really is.

Yanked out of her life by the mysterious Revik, who drives her crazy in all the best and worst ways, Allie finds out that her blood may not be as indisputably human as she always thought. Through Revik she learns the truth: that Seers are nothing like she thought, that the world is nothing like it appears to be... and that she has far more in common with Seers than she ever wanted to believe.

Now on the run from a group of anti-human,terrorist Seers called Rooks and her own human government, Allie must learn to navigate a secret shadow world behind her own, a world filled with superhuman Seers with their own battles raging...and their own agendas around the fate of humanity. When Allie's family and friends get dragged into that war, things suddenly get a lot more personal, and Allie learns she may be the only one who can stop it.

My Thoughts:
I read Rook back in 2014 along with several more in the series. I liked the plot and the characters a lot. I had some trouble with understanding the world, which is usually why I shy away from fantasy. When I ignored some of the world building aspects I loved the book. This was my first experience with the genre cyberpunk. It's probably not one of my more favorite genres, but Andrijeski writes a really great story.

Remember you can pick up the novella New York:Early Years (Allie's War #0.1) for free at Amazon and B&N.

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