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August 17, 2016

Review: Scorch by Liliana Hart

by Elisa Hordon

cover of Scorch
The long-awaited next book in the awesome Mackenzie series by Liliana Hart is finally here, and yes, Scorch was worth the wait.

I have been loving the Mackenzie family since 2011. I have loved every story in this series, and as we get closer to the final Mackenzie book I just have to say how much I enjoyed this series.

From Dane, the very first Mackenzie novella, through to Scorch, the latest release being Shane's story. I have laughed, cried, held my breath and enjoyed every word in these books. I do have to say Cade, book 6 is my all-time favourite; there was just something extra special about this story that left me speechless, and it is the Mackenzie story I re-read the most.

But back to Scorch which was released on July 26th. Fans of the Mackenzie series had been eagerly awaiting this release as we all knew from the end of Declan’s story that Shane had lost one leg saving Declan’s now wife Sofia. We all knew Shane was struggling with his new life, what we didn't know was Dr. Lacy Shaw's background and how she was brought into Mackenzie Security. Her story is fascinating, and I totally see how she was drawn to Shane.

I really loved that Declan saw something unique in Lacy all those years ago, and he did whatever he could to make her part of his family. However, it wasn't until Shane that Lacy could really feel a part of the Mackenzie clan and the way she finally embraces Shane, his family and everything else that goes along with being a Mackenzie is just amazing.

Shane is, well, truly amazing. He has always lived his life on the edge: 1000% adrenaline until that day when his world exploded into pieces along with his leg. But he saved his brother's woman and that’s what counts. Now he either wants to die or he has to find a new reason to live: a reason without his command, a reason without his SEALS. Shane is too lost right now to see any reason to live. Can he pull himself together to see what's in the mirror? Shane needs to live for himself first then everything else will fall into place, but if he can't see that as a person he is enough then coming back from this may not be possible for him.

Dr. Lacy Shaw is brilliant at her job. She is an amazing surgeon and researcher. Her mind is something else and is the main reason she has nothing to do with her own family, a family who never once treated her as anything but a science experiment. Lacy owes everything to Mackenzie Security and Declan Mackenzie, the man who saw something in her and believed in her. When Declan asks Lacy to help with Shane’s recovery, it's not just because she is a brilliant doctor, it's because Declan knows all about Lacy's past and he is hoping that by bringing two broken souls together they can help each other in more ways than one.

Scorch is a thrill a minute with a road full of twists and turns you won't see coming and an ending to die for.

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Elisa Hordon, reviewerElisa lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia where she spends her days reading, journaling, painting, cooking and homeschooling her daughter. She has always been an avid reader, Elisa loves reading many genres of books except horror; her favourite genres would be mystery, romance, and paranormal. Elisa also loves pursuing many creative outlets if she is not relaxing with a book she can be found writing, sketching, painting or cooking. Elisa loves to share her obsession with books especially with her family and friends. Reading and reviewing books is a favourite pastime of Elisa’s.

Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (286 pages)
published: July 2016 by 7th Press
ISNBN13: 978-1940499437
genres: romance, suspense, military

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