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October 15, 2016

Book Spotlight: Ghost Hampton by Ken McGorry

Lyle Hall, a controversial Bridgehampton lawyer with mounting personal issues, must save “Old Vic,” purportedly a haunted whorehouse, from demolition. An apparition he’s seen there, a sad, beautiful Victorian-era girl, has shown him a deeply disturbing inscription on a gravestone¬¬¬--his daughter’s life will end on Saturday. Worse yet, no one will believe him, especially daughter, Georgie, a dedicated, newly promoted Southampton Police detective. But locals do believe that Lyle, the village’s most successful lawyer, caused the fatal car crash last year that put him in a wheelchair and forced his retirement. Lyle emerged from coma with an uncanny psychic power to sense human suffering. Convinced that saving Old Vic will save Georgie, he files a motion in court that sweeps him into a Big Media circus. Suddenly a psychic celebrity, Lyle falls too hard for Silk, a scheming TV reporter who uses him to advance her career. Old adversaries want him to fail. Lyle befriends a young priest hiding his own dark secret. The two men break into Old Vic to find answers but their escapade proves disastrous; as do subsequent attempts. Then Lyle’s new psychic friends start to die strange deaths.

Meanwhile Georgie's investigation into a vicious drug-and-prostitution ring heats up and turns deadly--and it was Lyle who got her promoted! As everyone seems to turn against Lyle and the dreaded Saturday looms, he turns to alcohol. After a humiliating interview with Silk on live TV, he gets drunk. He revisits Old Vic one last time, alone, to meet his personal demon. His twisted plan, including a Molotov cocktail and a gun, can only fail.

compelling read...pretty creepy ~ Steven Kosinski

a steady, rollercoaster ride of suspense ~ Jacqueline Gillen

perfect amount of spooky and suspenseful ~ Robyn Croutch

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