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December 30, 2017

Review: Write For Me by Michelle Holt

by Donna Huber

A few years ago, before I had a review team, I became overwhelm with the amount of review requests I received. My answer was to stick my head in the sand and not open emails. Now I don't do that, but it did leave a mound (of around 1,600) of unread emails. A month or so ago I made it a priority to get through those emails. In doing this I discovered several ebooks that had been sent with the request so I thought I would check a few of them out. Write For Me was one of those ebooks.
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Write for Me
July 2015; ebook (242 pages); romance
New adult novel Write For Me reminded me that I'm no longer in my 20s and these kind of novels don't really appeal to me any longer. I only finished it because I hate not finishing books.

The plot itself would have been an okay story, but what really go on my nerves was the inconsistencies. And these weren't small details, but major traits of the main characters such as in the beginning of the novel Josh is a super cleaner. There is a big scene when he comes over to make breakfast for Bentley and then cleans up. Bentley makes comments about how he got years old stains off the stove. But towards the middle of the novel, she refers to him as a slob, registers disdain at his dirty apartment, and comments that he doesn't know what a trashcan is. This is just one example of a major inconsistencies.

Like many heriones of new adult fiction, I thought she was too melodramatic - swinging from one emotional extreme to another. It's funny that I can find great maturity in young adult characters, but in new adult they all seem immature and often whiny. Most of the story is told from inside Bentley's head (instead of through dialogue) and she is way to fond of descriptions. She couldn't just be sad, but had to be 'convulsing with sadness'.

While my dislike of Bentley largely colored my displeasure for the novel, I also felt that too much of the story happened off the page. Instead of seeing the scene, we were told afterwards (classic case of telling instead of showing).

It may just be my age in not liking the lead character, but I think it also had a number of technical issues that should have been addressed by an editor.

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