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September 5, 2018

Clutch by Lisa Becker ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I originally passed on reviewing Clutch when it was originally released a few years ago. Then I read Links by Lisa Becker (read my review). So when I was asked again several months ago to review the re-release of the book, I agreed. I was really looking forward it since I loved Links so much. Some e-reader problems kept me from getting to it until recently. Did it live up to my expectations?
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August 2018; Becker Press; 978-0692489895
audio, ebook, print (266 pages)
romantic comedy
I'm always a little apprehensive when starting a book that I have built up in my head. I named Links one of the best romantic chase stories I'd read. The premise of Clutch is cute. Caroline is a handbag designer who hasn't had much luck at romance. Her dates throughout the novel are named for various purses and bags. Like Diaper Bag is a single dad.

The romantic trope at play in Clutch is a familiar one. Caroline is best friends with a guy. The guy dates around and none of the guys Caroline goes out with never seem to live up to the perfect guy she has in mind. Of course, we know who is perfect for her.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything fresh or unique in the way Becker handled this tired trope. Perhaps if I was in my twenties I would've enjoyed it more, but really I just wanted to get through the story. The whole thing reminded me of a movie which I can't quite recall the name of.

I also didn't like the main characters. Mike was way too self-centered. It is one thing to date around, but he even dated her friends. Caroline gave off too much of a damsel in need of rescue vibe. I want stronger female characters. Again, this may be a result of me being in my 40s instead of my 20s.

I really had high hopes for Clutch. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I'm extremely picky when it comes to romance novels and I don't think I'm in the target audience, which may have played into my disappointment. Looking at the reviews on Goodreads, there are plenty of people who have enjoyed Clutch. If you can't get enough of romance novels, then it is a good bet you will enjoy this one.

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