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March 15, 2019

Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

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I made the mistake of starting this book late in the day. I didn't put it down until I finished it at 3 a.m. It was a roller coaster ride of a story told by two strong women that kept me guessing until the end. Emily Carpenter continues to bring us books that keep her readers in suspense from the first page until the end.

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Until the Day I Die cover
March 2019; Lake Union Publishing
978-1503904217; audio, ebook, print (347 pages)
Until the Day I Die is told from two perspectives - Erin, the mom who is still dealing with the grief of losing her husband in a car accident several months earlier. She and her husband owned a software company that was a major part of their lives and now she is considering selling it because of her grief. Her daughter, Shorie, is leaving to go to college. She doesn't want to go, she wants to work at the software company but her mom feels like she needs to get away and experience college life. Shorie is very worried about her mom's state of mind and convinces her during an intervention with friends and family, to get some rest at a rehab facility in the Caribbean. Things at the resort aren’t exactly how the brochure described, and unless she’s losing her mind, Erin’s pretty sure she wasn’t sent there to recover—she was sent to disappear. Who is behind the danger to Erin and will she and her daughter be able to stop whoever it is before its too late?

I loved the way the story was told from Erin's and Shorie's perspectives because it gave us more of an insight to each character. I also liked the relationship between the two of them - mothers and daughters love each other even as they try to pull away to live their own lives. They were both so well written that they felt like people I knew and I experienced their terror and confusion along with them. I barely breathed during the last 50 pages of the book.

This is a wonderful story of survival and mother/daughter love and I highly recommend it!

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