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January 5, 2020

How to Choose an eReader

by Kenny Trinh

Technology has become an important part of life and it's making things easier and more interesting. A few years ago, avid readers had to carry books if they wanted to read on the go. But things have changed.

eReaders have made it possible to access millions of titles with just a click. While there are several options available, choosing the right eReader can be tricky if you are not sure what to look for. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

e-Reader Features to Look For


Price can be among the most important aspects to consider when choosing which eReader to purchase. Ultimately, your budget decides what you are going to spend on an eReader. With more players getting into the market, you have more options at a cheaper price.

Ideally, the price range for the devices is around $100 for entry-level models to $400 for recent versions. If you have the budget, getting a pricier option can be better since you get a wide range of capabilities.

Format is critical

The formats supported by the device is a key consideration when acquiring an eReader. Most options on the market support PDF formats but you can find others that have special formats.

The more format capabilities, the better. Try to look for an eReader that can support ePUB formats as this will enable you to download books from the internet too.

Understand your library

Most eReaders available can provide access to tons of magazines and books- more than you’ll ever need. But understanding whether you’ll be getting your preferred titles is important.

The Kindle eBook store provides access to over 400 magazines and more than a million book titles. And Barnes and Noble have over 2.5 million newspapers, magazines, and books.

Another consideration is whether the eReader permits you to share books with other readers and have access to eBooks at a local library. As far as this aspect is concerned, not all devices are created equal.

With the Kindle, you can borrow eBooks from another Kindle device. On the other hand, the Nook’s “lend me” option allows you to borrow a book from other Nook devices. Additionally, the devices allow users to access books from libraries.

Stylish and ergonomic

In today’s world where technology is getting more advanced, gadgets mean a lot more than simply utility devices. Hi-tech devices that have great features packaged in a slim, portable design have a special appeal in addition to delivering outstanding services.

eReaders should be highly portable, handy, and stylish. Therefore, when deciding on your next device ensure to choose one that is both functional and stylish.


As eReaders become more popular and brand options increasing, readers have more choices. However, it’s also becoming more complex to make a buying choice. If you understand what to look for, it’ll become easier to pick the most suitable eReader from Netbook News.

Kenny Trinh is the editor of a gadget review publication. We have helped thousands of readers in gaining knowledge around all kinds of tech subjects. I think I can provide some cool insight into your article. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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  1. I LOVE this! I have a Kindle Paperwhite, but I'm considering snagging the Fire someday for an upgrade :)