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March 29, 2020

An Exhibition of Murder by Vivian Conroy ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

An Exhibition of Murder, Vivian Conroy's newest installment of Murder Will Follow, is my favorite so far.

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March 2020; Canelo; ebook; cozy mystery
Jasper heads to Vienna to view a new exhibition in an old friend's museum. He is hoping for a vacation, but after what happened in the Riveria and Naples, he's pretty sure there won't be much pleasure in this trip either.

I like going to museums, but I don't often go to them. So I don't know if it is all the staying home I'm doing or what, but the opening chapters of this story with the mention of death mask being displayed at the museum really made me want to go to a museum.

I've visited Vienna so maybe I felt more comfortable with the setting and that is why I enjoyed this book more than the others.

This winter I watched Vienna Blood on PBS. When Baum was introduced to the story as a scientist interested in the intersection of psychology and crime I thought of that show. Having that historical reference in my head may also have been why I enjoyed this story more. I definitely liked the inclusion, along with the prominence of Freund's dream theory, of this historical aspect. Unlike the previous installments, An Exhibition of Murder felt like it was set in the 1920s.

I think the main reason I liked this story more than the others is because I felt the reader had all the clues by the time Jasper gathered everyone together for the reveal. Sometimes I have felt that there was a crucial clue that Jasper knew but not the reader so there was no way the reader could solve the mystery. This time I felt like I knew who the murderer might be. Or perhaps I'm just getting use to the big reveal (not a device I'm usually fond of).

It isn't necessary to have read the other books in this series as the only recurring character is the retired Scotland Yard Inspector Jasper. And it is definitely a great distraction from all the is currently going on in our world.

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