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March 23, 2020

Recap of 3 Author Events

by Susan Roberts

Are you one of the lucky people who live near indie book stores that have author events?  I am within an hour's drive from six fantastic bookstores.  My favorite is McIntyre's Books in Pittsboro, NC.  Along with the wonderful staff who always has time to make reading suggestions, they also have frequent author events.   I have been there 3 Saturdays this year to see three fantastic authors talk about their new books.

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DONNA EVERHART - The Moonshiner's Daughter


Donna talked a lot about the research she had to do for her new book.  Not only did she learn about moonshiners' lives and their relationship with the ATDD (now called ATF) but she also learned the process for making moonshine.  She discussed how she created her characters and her writing process.  Read my review of The Moonshiner's Daughter here.

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DIANE CHAMBERLAIN - Big Lies in a Small Town

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Dianne talked about where her idea for the book came from and the research she did in small towns.  She worked with a paint preservationist to learn about the steps that the main character had to go through to restore the damaged mural.  She also talked about her writing process and gave us a hint about her next book.  Read my review of Big Lies in a Small Town here.

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Wildland is a debut novel for Rebecca and she talked about the road to getting published, the difficulty of revisions and where she got her idea for the book.  She also talked about the difficulty of picking names for characters and the research she did to learn more about forest fires.  Read my review of Wildland here.

Rebecca is pictured here with another favorite author - Barbara Claypole-White

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Do you enjoy author events?  What authors have you seen and who would you love to see?

If you are missing your favorite author events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out this list of virtual events:

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