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August 31, 2020

Favorite Reads of August

Have you read any good books this month? We are wrapping up summer and starting to transition to more fall reads. But before we say good-bye to summer, we wanted to share our favorite reads of the month.
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The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

The Night Swim
Rachel Krall hosts a podcast on true crime. Her previous podcast had helped an innocent man go free and now she is working on season 3. She goes to a small town coastal town in North Carolina to follow a rape trial that has the town in turmoil. Scott Blair a beloved town athlete and on the way to becoming an Olympian in swimming has been accused of raping a high school student who is the 16-year-old granddaughter of the former chief of police. As expected many of the people in the town don't want to see Scott's life ruined because she should have been wiser and not drinking at a party. It all came down to a he said - she said issue that had the town totally divided. I was really looking forward to this novel and it didn't disappoint. It was well written with believable characters and a plot that kept me turning pages to see how it would end. My full review of The Night Swim hasn't posted yet, but you can check out MK's review. ~ Susan

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The Royal Governess by Wendy Holden

The Royal Governess
Marion Crawford wanted to teach the children of the slums so that they may have a chance to escape their lot in life. When the head of her college convinces her that she could help the poor more by educating the wealthy of the disparities that exist. That is how she found herself devoting her life to a young Elizabeth. The Royal Governess isn't a happy story. I felt quite sorry for Marion. None the else, it was very interesting and I wonder if efforts did make a difference in who Queen Elizabeth turned out. Read my review. ~ Donna

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Cry of Metal and Bone by L. Penelope

Cry of Metal and Bone
This was a month with really awesome books that I read. My top three, in that order, are Cry of Metal and Bone (read my review), The Space Between Worlds (read my review), and The Vanished Queen (read my review). All three involve different cultures and hidden secrets that have to be discovered by the protagonists and also learning more about themselves. I think I have a definite favorite character type. ~ MK

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Have you read any of these? What was your favorite book this month?

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  1. Looks like a great reading month with a nice variety! Because of Big Book Summer, I have mostly just read 2 books all month - one in print, David Copperfield, and one on audio, American Dirt. Both have been excellent, though, so that's fine with me!

    Hope September is another good reading month for you!


    Book By Book

  2. These books look interesting - especially Cry of Metal and Bone. A good month for reading!