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November 22, 2020

The Burning Son by TH Leatherman ~ an Audiobook Review

by Donna Huber

The Burning Son is a well-written story and a well-performed audiobook. Science fiction fans who love action-packed, technology-filled space drama don't want to miss this book.
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The Burning Son
August 2020; Fivefold Publishing; B08FNTPZZR
ebook, print (260 pages), audio (7h59min); space opera
I wasn't sure if space opera was my kind of genre as I'm picky about my science fiction. With the first seven minutes of the audiobook filled with detailed descriptions of technology on the fighter ship that the narrator is on had me wondering if I would even be able to get into the story. While the start was definitely action-packed with Mark Martin fleeing the fall of his homeworld, I was wishing I knew the main character as well as I now knew his ship. 

Because of the fast-pace of the opening chapters, I quickly realized this was an audiobook that would take a good deal of my attention to follow. While I was lost while listening at work, I followed the story better when I was doing routine household chores (laundry, washing dishes, etc). It would be a good listen for a road trip or work commute.

While I felt discombobulated during the opening battle, the next one I followed a bit better as I could liken it to something I am familiar with - Star Trek battles. The vivid details of the battles and technical maneuvers made me think that video gamers would totally love this book - they would probably want a video game based on the book. And it would make a good game.

Dru - alien race

I'm pretty sure now space opera isn't my jam. I enjoyed the dialogue and character interactions. I found the alien characters unique and intriguing - I wished there had been more background on them and perhaps it is explored in future books in this series. I could tell the writing was good; it is very tight. The technology described and the universe Leatherman has created are believable. Even so, I didn't enjoy all the focus on technology, and that is the reason I don't think space opera is for me. Technology is a hallmark of the genre; the reason people get so excited about the genre. 

If space opera is your jam, then I highly recommend this book. 

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About the Author: TH Leatherman

TH Leatherman is a writer from Firestone, Colorado. He enjoys science fiction, fantasy, winemaking, and the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. When not busy writing his next book, he can be found hiking with his wife and two sons or walking his rescued dogs. He worked as a stockbroker for twenty years before he started writing full time. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Regis University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. He has released four books, The Burning Son, Marque of the Son, Son Rise, Twin Sons and The Son Set, an omnibus edition of the first three books.

About the Narrator: Russell Archey

Russell Archey loves the spoken word. Whether you need a story told, a product marketed, or a character brought to life, he takes both great pleasure and pride in voicing your project. Let him bring his passion and skill for the art to your creative venture.

​Clean, warm sound. Full and rich narration. Villainous vs. Heroic. Energetic and Upbeat! Smooth or Gravelly. Serious and heavy...or Light and Humorous! Lurch with a heart of gold or sinister evil lurking in the shadows.

​Russell is what you need him to be!

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour

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  1. i have issues with concentrating when listening to audiobooks, but i will keep trying. i do like a good scifi book and the cover does make me curious
    sherry @ fundinmental