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November 5, 2021

The Unseen Body by Jonathan Reisman ~ an Audiobook Review

by Donna Huber

Are you participating in Nonfiction November? I'm not officially, but I do have several nonfiction books on my review list this month. I work in the sciences so it shouldn't be shocking that a number of the books are science related. Today's recommendation is a perfect mix of memoir, medical history, and anatomy & physiology.

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The Unseen Body
November 2021; Macmillan Audio; 9781250818676
audio (8h 21m), ebook, print; nonfiction

The Unseen Body: A Doctor's Journey Through the Hidden Wonders of Human Anatomy
is interesting but also very accessible. Reisman intersperses the anatomy and physiology information with personal stories from his years as a doctor. 

I'm a science geek so I really enjoyed this book, but I don't have a lot of medical or even anatomy knowledge. I took one physiology course as an undergraduate. I really liked how each chapter was focused on a certain body part or function. And the chapters weren't all what you would expect when you think of anatomy. There are, of course, the obvious parts like the throat, heart, and lungs. But he also discusses feces, urine, and pineal gland (this chapter has to do with sleep). 

Reisman draws on his time as a medical student, resident, and staff hospitalist as well as his experiences in India, Russia, and high altitude Alaska. His stories are entertaining and informative.

I really enjoyed the audiobook. I'm usually doing something else while listening to a book. Sometimes, my task pulls my attention away from the book but with The Unseen Body, I found the book pulling my attention away from my task. I would get so engrossed with the story or fact being shared. Robert Petkoff does a wonderful job as the narrator. 

This book is an excellent choice for anyone interested in science and medicine. But I think it would be especially interesting to students going into medicine as he does give some advice on how to improve patient care.

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