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December 9, 2021

Dark Night by Paige Shelton ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

Dark Night is the third book in Paige Shelton's suspense-filled mystery series Alaska Wilds. You may know Shelton as a cozy mystery author (that's how I first discovered her) but she does a great job with straight-up mystery too. In fact, I love this mystery series a bit more than any of her cozies. 

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Dark Night
December 2021; Minotaur Books; 978-1250796271
audio, ebook, print (288 pages); mystery

It is just such a squeal-worthy story - at times I'm amazed I haven't broken my Kindle with how tight I'm clenching my fists. 

You might be able to read this as a stand-alone, but there are a lot of little details that you would miss from the previous books that really amps up the suspense. The previous two books, Thin Ice (read my review) and Cold Wind (read my review), were more about establishing the main character Beth in the small Alaskan town where is hiding out from the man who abducted her for three days before she escaped. Now with the main cast of characters pretty well established, Dark Night reveals more about Beth's case and her family - including some surprising connections. Beth's mom also make a surprise appearance in Benedict and Beth's not sure if she's glad to see her or wishes she never showed up.

There is a specific murder to be solved in this story but it kind of takes a backseat to the details unfolding about Beth's case. The two are somewhat connected but there are plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing as to who murdered Ned and who knows Beth's real identity. Beth has just started feeling comfortable in Benedict and now with Mill's finding her and possibly others already knowing who she is - is she really safe there? That is what had me eeking and gripping my Kindle.

The only bad thing about this book is that I have to wait another year for the next book in the series and this one ends on a little bit of a cliff-hanger - nothing dramatic and it may turn out to be nothing when the next book picks up.

I love the characters and while I definitely don't want to experience the cold, it makes me want to visit Alaska. The book is definitely the perfect read to pair with a cozy blanket (I used my electric blanket for an extra dose of toastiness) and a cup of hot cocoa (with plenty of whip cream). I might have stayed up too late a night or two while reading this book so you might want to whip up a batch of easy spicy chocolate cookies to nibble on.

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