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April 10, 2022

Fierce Poison by Will Thomas ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I discovered Will Thomas's Barker & Llewelyn mystery series last year when I read book 12 Dance with Death (read my review). While I wasn't keen on the mystery, I loved the characters so I thought I would give another book in the series a try. This time I listened to the audiobook of Fierce Poison and I didn't stop listening.

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book cover of Victorian mystery audiobook Fierce Poison by Will Thomas
April 2022; Macmillan Audio; 9781250839176
audio (9h 20m), ebook, print; mystery

As I mentioned, I haven't been reading this series long so I think you can just start with this book and enjoy it just the same. 

The mystery this time was much more engrossing to me. A man stumbles into the offices of private detectives (though they aren't called that in Victorian England) Barker & Llewlyn and promptly dies. He has been poisoned and he is just the start of a long list of victims. I was as stumped as to who was the poisoner as the detectives. I did have a passing thought that it might be one person but quickly dismissed it. So it was fun following the investigation all the way to when they finally realized who the person was.

The characters are still great. Barker is somewhat of an enigma. He is portrayed as a rather gruff man but he is constantly helping people - like giving a 100-pound note to a struggling public garden. I loved Llewlyn and his wife in the previous book so I was happy to see them together in this book. She is such a capable woman and I love that Thomas knows how lucky he is for having married her.

I have some books that I prefer listening to and I think this is one of those series. Antony Ferguson is perfect as the narrator and the story is so easy to listen to. It passed so quickly. It would feel like I had only been listening for a few minutes and then I would realize I was a third of the way through, then two-thirds, and then I finished it in just a matter of days. 

If you are looking for a fun mystery that will keep you guessing and has great characters, then get this book.

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