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October 17, 2022

NeoText Flipbook: THE EXCAVATOR by J.M. DeMatteis and Vassilis Gogtzilas

NeoText publishes original illustrated short fiction and narrative non-fiction by some of the best authors and artists of today. Devotees of pulp fiction, pop culture and narrative art, they explore innovative ways to embrace creative storytelling in the digital age. In addition to being available at Amazon, they also publish their stories as free flipbooks on their website. 

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The Excavator by J.M. DeMatteis and Vassilis Gogtzilas

book cover of horror novella The Excavator by JM DeMatteis and Vassilis Gogtzilas
June 2022; NeoText; 979-8838841612
ebook, print (131 pages); horror

Sandra Rosen awakens to find a mysterious boy standing at the foot of her bed. It is, she soon discovers, her son Henry. But she has no memory of his existence. A mind-hacker has excavated her psyche with surgical precision and now demands a ransom to replace the priceless memories he’s stolen.

This traumatic event is just the beginning of a journey that finds Sandra caught between two supernatural forces: the invader who defiled her mind and the FBI psychic who claims he can save her. But in the end, it’s Sandra herself who holds the key not just to her own salvation, but the Excavator’s as well.

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