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October 9, 2022

Should I Fall by Scott Shepherd ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

John Frankel and Rachel Grant are to wed in a week. However, when John's ex-wife turns up dead, in his apartment no less, it looks like happily ever after is off the table as he is the prime suspect. Can Rachel and her dad, a retired Scotland Yard detective, clear his name in time to say "I do"?

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book cover of detective mystery Should I Fall by Scott Shepherd
July 2022; Mysterious Press; 978-1613163122
audio, ebook, print (312 pages); mystery

Should I Fall
by Scott Shepherd is the second book in the Austin Grant of Scotland Yard series. I have not read book 1, and I didn't have any problem reading this book as a standalone novel. 

I found the novel to be a solid mystery. It is well-plotted, and I enjoyed the characters.

I was afraid it might lean too much towards a police procedural with Frankel being a New York Police Detective and Grant a Scotland Yard Detective, but it didn't. 

If you like yelling at the characters, then you might want to pick up this book. I wanted to yell at John a time or two. He might be a great NYPD detective, but as a prime suspect - not so much. He had too much faith in the system I think. 

Austin Grant is a fun character in that dry British wit way. I loved his time in Hawaii - I found parts of it humorous.

My library just started a mystery book club so I think I will suggest we read book 1 in the series as I really liked this book. While it can be read on its own, there are references to the previous case. I'm curious about it and I want more of these characters.

I thought the plot was well-paced. Even though this is not the high-octane story you would get with a suspense novel or thriller. Instead, you are drawn into the story because you are trying to connect the clues and solve the mystery yourself.

If you love a good mystery, then I recommend picking up this book.

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