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March 14, 2023

Death on Deck by Verity Bright ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

It's Lady Eleanor Swift's birthday. Hugh has promised to sweep her off on a romantic surprise, but cancels at the last minute - an important case! Fortunately, she had also received an invitation to sail on the maiden voyage of a cruise liner owned by her former boss. Of course, if wouldn't be a celebration without her staff who she thinks of as family so she buys tickets for Clifford and the ladies as well. Unfortunately, her first night on board she witness a murder and worse she recognizes the gun left behind.

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book cover of cozy mystery Death on Deck by Verity Bright
March 2023; Bookouture; 978-1837901029
audio, ebook, print (298 pages); cozy mystery

I like that this series has Eleanor going to other places so that all the murders do not happen in her village. This time she is off on a cruise.  I love cruising, but I think the cruises of the 1920s were much more opulent - at least for the passengers in first class. There are a lot of references to the Titanic as it sunk in 1912 so it was still a fresh tragedy. Bright provides a lot of details about the ship so if you've seen the movie or a documentary about the Titanic you will have a pretty good visual of what Eleanor is experiencing.

Now sometimes when Eleanor travels we don't get to see much of the ladies downstairs or Hugh. But don't worry as Eleanor takes all her staff with her. I still don't think the ladies got as much page time as I would like, they do make several appearances. If you are rooting for Hugh and Eleanor then you will be very pleased with this story as I think this is the most they have been together the whole series.

Speaking of the series, Death on Deck is book 13 in the Lady Eleanor Swift Mysteries. But you do not need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one. But if you have the time, they are all enjoyable.

This is a fun mystery. A lot of the suspects are strange ducks and they provide interest and color to the story. Count Balog is a displaced Prussian (?) aristocrat having lost his land during WWI. He sails the seas playing cards with the wealthier first class passengers. His long-tailed coat and shoes with buckles made me think of the descriptions I've read of King Rudolph (from the 1600s).

If you are looking for something fun to read, then you should pick up this novel.

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