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March 12, 2023

Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

Four female assassins are taking a luxury cruise to celebrate their retirement from an extra-governmental organization referred to as the Museum. However, they soon discover they are the subject of a kill order. A game of cat and mouse ensues as they race to stay alive and clear their name.

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book cover of suspense novel Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn
September 2022; Berkley; 978-0593200681
audio, ebook, print (368 pages); suspense

If you are looking for a fun mystery and missed this one when it came out last fall, now is the time to remedy the situation. Killer of a Certain Age would get a great book to toss in your beach bag this summer.

Told mostly from Billie's point of view, the story flashback to when the women were first recruited. At first, I thought the flashbacks were there mostly to give backstories to the characters so that the reader would connect with them. But pay attention as there are clues to the present-day storyline.

I have to admit that the plot reminded me of a movie and it drove me crazy because I couldn't remember what the movie was called (I didn't watch it but the trailers played a lot). So I Googled it, of course. Now the movie I was thinking about didn't come up, but another movie with a very similar-sounding plot did: Polar (2019) starring Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens. (I'm pretty sure the movie I'm thinking of starred Morgan Freeman - if you know what movie I'm trying to remember please leave a comment)

I've read a couple of Raybourn's Veronica Speedwell and while I found them enjoyable, I enjoyed Killer of a Certain Age more. 

I loved the characters. The women are in their 60s and they were the first all-female team of assassins.  They've paid their dues and they know it. In between action sequences (and sometimes in the middle) there are moments of humor. I loved how they improvised and the creative methods they used. It kind of reminded me of the old spy shows I watched as a kid (like Get Smart). It is just fun.

There isn't a lot of depth to the story but the book is entertaining. If you are putting together your vacation reading list, be sure to put this book at the top.

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

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  1. I agree. I thought this book was really fun and its tone reminds me of the Thursday Murder series: dark humor mysteries.