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April 28, 2023

Jam Run by Russell Brooks ~ a Review

by MK French

Eddie Barrow and Corey Stephenson witness a gruesome murder outside a bar within hours of arriving in Montego Bay. Soon they learn of efforts to conceal the corruption of foreign investors as well as sex crimes. Preventing them from solving the murder is finding out that they're being targeted by a ruthless criminal network with a reach far beyond Jamaica.

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book cover of crime thriller Jam Run by Russell Brooks
March 2023; Indie; 978-0986751387
ebook, print (571 pages); thriller

Jam Run
is the second book of the Eddie Barrow series, but I haven't read the first one. He's an author, and he and Corey were present for a book signing. The dancing competition was fun, but it quickly turned lethal when Eddie's dance partner was attacked and burned. Police were dismissive when discovering the victim's identity, and even more so at the description of the attackers that Eddie gave them. Anything like homosexuality or transgender is reviled by the people, the church, and even the police. Because of that, the victim's sister asked Eddie to look into it, even though he's a writer and not a detective. He starts poking around, picking up clues at the scene, and soon enough, it's all downhill from there for him and Corey. Missing friends, threats and attacks not only on their lives but Eddie's character quickly follow.

The story accelerates quickly. Eddie and Corey refuse to back down despite the threats and the police clearly not caring about their wellbeing. There are several issues going on at once: Dwayne had designed dresses that a famous athlete and designer took, his murder could also be tied to his friend's assault, and there was a history of other assaults on the island that had gone ignored for a long time. We're hit with these story threads rapid fire, with the heroes threatened at almost every turn. Any time either of them thought they found a safe spot, it turned out to be compromised. I couldn't stop reading, and I had to see how they got out of trouble and how the victims would get justice. By the end, all of the plot threads were tired off in a satisfying way. Eddie figured out what was going on and most of the way, several steps ahead of the police but definitely worse for wear. This is a great crime thriller and will keep you reading late into the night like it did for me.

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Born and raised in New York City, M.K. French started writing stories when very young, dreaming of different worlds and places to visit. She always had an interest in folklore, fairy tales, and the macabre, which has definitely influenced her work. She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, three young children, and a golden retriever.

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