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May 6, 2023

Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow by Alex Segura ~ a Review

by MK French

Anya Corazon was a normal Brooklyn teenager until gifted with amazing spider abilities. Araña is her code name, but she soon lost her mentor just as she lost her mother, and then found herself stranded in Nueva York of the future. Nueva York’s Spider-Man is billionaire CEO Miguel O’Hara, and her only hope of getting home. They discover that the enemies they face have connections to them both, and they'll have to work together.

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book cover of comic Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow by Alex Segura
May 2023; Marvel Press; 978-1368079006
audio, ebook, print (320 pages); comics

There are so many variations of Spider-Man and those who also have spider-powers run the gamut. This novel starts with Anya already using her powers to try to save people in New York, but she doesn't have a mentor to teach her anymore, and there are bullies at school as well as the usual problems of tests, homework, and hiding her identity from her father and best friend so they won't get hurt. There is the Spider Society locked into battle with the Sisterhood of the Wasp, and Anya is soon caught up in that battle. It catapults her to 2106, where she meets Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O'Hara. He's hung up the suit after losing his family, but Anya needs help to get back to her own time and understand why her powers are fading. She's not ready to give up being a hero and wants to get revenge on Judas Traveller, the one that sent her to the future and had killed her mentor. He's also the one that helped destroy Miguel's world as Spider-Man.

With new superheroes, there's a lot of self-doubt and wondering how to balance the hero life with the everyday. We see that with Anya, and with Miguel we see the opposite side, where grief and loss led to burning out. The two were both affected by the Traveller, who stole their potential futures to bring back an evil God he worshipped. It's nothing less than the fate of the universe at stake, so Anya has to learn and grow confident, and Miguel must get his drive back. Even though Miguel is an adult, he still has the same emotional journey that many teens go through when recovering from disillusionment and loss. He's very relatable, as is Anya. The book is a fun look into these two spider heroes, with plenty of hope for the future after an intense battle. 

Born and raised in New York City, M.K. French started writing stories when very young, dreaming of different worlds and places to visit. She always had an interest in folklore, fairy tales, and the macabre, which has definitely influenced her work. She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, three young children, and a golden retriever.

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