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May 4, 2023

Sanderling Cove Inn Series by Judith Keim ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

Judith Keim is one of those authors that you can always depend on to give you a great story with fantastic characters. She writes stories about strong women of all ages coming together to help one another face life's challenges - beach reads for all ages with a touch of humor, satisfying twists, and happy endings.  

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book cover of women's fiction novel Waves of Hope by Judith Keim
September 2022; Wild Quail; 978-1954325791
audio, ebook, print (311 pages); women's fiction 

What could be better than to start a new series by one of your favorite authors? I always know when I start a Judith Keim book that I'll be treated to a wonderfully written story about family, love, and romance. As an extra bonus for me, this book also has older characters - grandmothers like me and a storyline that shows their importance in their families.

Five grandmothers in Sanderling Cove invite their grandchildren home for the summer. Their grandchildren were all close friends when they were young but have lost touch with each other over the years. The first book in the series is about Ellie and her three granddaughters. She asks them to come home and run Sanderling Inn so that she can travel in Europe with her new husband Even though all three women have jobs, they are all at a place in their jobs where they can take the summer to help their grandmother. Charlotte is glad to leave her imploding marketing career in New York City, Livy has just sold her bakery in Virginia and isn't sure what to do next and Brooke is eager to leave her accounting job and her overbearing mother in upstate New York Once the three of them start meeting the other grandchildren that are there for the summer and catching up on their lives, they realize that this is going to not only be a summer of new job challenges but they are also going to be faced with the possibilities of new loves.

Book one is Charlotte's story.  Her grandmother's request couldn't have come at a better time for her as her marketing career in NYC is imploding.  Will she be the first cousin to find love in Sanderling Cove?

So get out the beach chair and enjoy reading about Ellie's three granddaughters as one of them finds her soulmate. The book is very satisfying but at the end, you'll be eagerly wanting for the next book in the series - Sandy Wishes - to find out which of the three women falls in love next.
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book cover of women's fiction novel Sandy Wishes by Judith Keim
January 2023; Wild Quail; 978-1959529170
ebook, print (291 pages); women's fiction

Brooke and her two cousins are in Sanderling Cove for the summer to run their grandmother's inn.  Brooke has always been the dependable daughter - she was an accountant and a caregiver for her mother.  She knew that she needed to have a life of her own and was thrilled to be away from her responsibilities.  She gets her hair dyed purple and changes her wardrobe.  Instead of being in the background, she starts dating several available men that she'd known for years at the cove.  When she starts dating Dylan, a local artist, she knows that he's the one for her.  He encourages her to try new things and helps her get in touch with her artistic side and start painting.  The freer her life becomes, away from her strict earlier life, the happier she becomes and the more she falls in love with Dylan.  This is an interesting look at a life in the midst of change and finding happiness and love on the other side.  And of course, the grandmothers are thrilled with another successful result of their matchmaking.

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book cover of women's fiction novel Salty Kisses by Judith Keim
April 2023; Wild Quail; 978-1959529187
ebook, print (296 pages); women's fiction

Salty Kisses
is the third book in this series and it's Livy's story.  The three cousins went to Sanderling Cove for the summer to help out their grandmother so that she can take a trip to Europe with her new husband.  Little do they know but their grandmother and the other grandmothers in the Cove have been doing some matchmaking.  Charlotte and Brooke have both found love and only Livy is still  on her own.  The cousins don't know that she's hiding part of her past from them - a traumatic event that keeps her from trusting men.  She's just sold her bakery in Virginia and hopes that being away from her past will help her recover.  She forms a deep friendship with Austin.  He's just sold his IT business and has moved to the Cove full time and is the guy that Livy had a crush on when they were teenagers.  She realizes that she needs help to get over her trauma and turns to Austin for help.  As they help each other through past issues, the sparks begin to fly between them.  Can she trust Austin or will he treat her badly like a former boyfriend did?  Will the grandmothers be successful with their matchmaking?

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Susan Roberts grew up in Michigan but loves the laid-back life at her home in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where she is two hours from the beach to the east and the mountains in the west.  She reads almost anything but her favorite genres are Southern Fiction and Historical Fiction.  

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