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August 16, 2023

Birder, She Wrote by Donna Andrews ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

graphical representation of the review for cozy mystery Birder She Wrote by Donna Andrews

Meg's grandmother Cordelia is being profiled by a Southern magazine, but she is not the reporter's typical subject. Instead of wanting to visit the fancy restaurants, Cordelia rather traipse into the woods looking for an unmarked slave graveyard. Meg tags along with the group going into the woods which includes cadaver dogs in training. The dogs though find more than century-old graves - they discover a much more recent corpse. With a friend, who could either be the prime suspect or another victim, is missing Meg knows she has to pitch in to find the true murderer.

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book cover of cozy mystery Birder, She Wrote by Donna Andrews
August 2023; Minotaur Books; 978-1250760241
audio, ebook, print (304 pages); cozy mystery

I discovered this series when I read the Christmas installment last year. I enjoyed Dashing Through the Snowbirds (read my review) and added the series to my wishlist at the library so I can remember to pick up earlier books in the series when I have the time. I was happy to accept Birder, She Wrote when asked to review it. 

Christmas cozy mysteries are supposed to be fun and festive but they don't always read the same way as a regular book in the series. I felt a little lost as to who everyone was. Well, I didn't feel that way with Birder, She Wrote. It was a delightful read and makes me want to read the backlist even more. I got to know the characters more in this book and I really liked them.

I like that Meg is an older protagonist. She has school-age boys and an extended family. I also like that she gets along well with the local law enforcement. There is a mutual respect that sometimes you don't get in a cozy mystery. 

I love the little country town with its bee hives, livestock, and herb gardens. We don't get to see a lot of the town itself, but the surrounding farms sound like somewhere I would love to live.

I love that there are so many books to read as it is such a fun read. This is book 33 and it can totally be read as a stand-alone novel.

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