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September 24, 2023

Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews ~ A Review

by Susan Roberts

You can always depend on Mary Kay Andrews to give her readers a story with interesting characters and a good plot that leaves them with a smile at the end.  I don't read many Christmas books - especially not in 100-degree July - but I couldn't pass up the chance to read this new book.  I loved it!

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book cover of Christmas novel Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews
September 2023; St. Martin's Press; 978-1250285812
audio, ebook, print (288 pages); Christmas

Every year, Murphy and his Dad, Jock, took a trip to NYC to sell Christmas trees from their North Carolina farm.  This year, Jock is sick and Kerry has just returned home after losing her job.  Her mother convinces her to go to NYC with Murphy to sell the trees.  She's not real happy about it - especially since she and Murphy will live in an old dilapidated travel trailer with minimal heat and no bathroom.  Murphy and Kerry have never been very close and he makes no secret of the fact that he isn't looking forward to spending time with his sister.  

When they get their Christmas tree lot set up, we are introduced to lots of quirky characters.  They all know and love Murphy but it's a real eye-opener for Kerry.  There's Mercedes man who parked his car in the spot that the trailer should have gone in and his young son who loves dragons.  An old man who stops to talk and even an internet influencer who helps make this Christmas tree lot very popular.  

Instead of being the rough and nasty NYC that we all read about, these characters all cared about and took care of each other.  When the old man disappeared, they spent considerable time trying to find him.  Kerry starts making changes to make the Christmas tree sales better and at first Murphy is very unhappy that things aren't staying like they've always been.  But when he sees the increased business from the wreaths and the people who are drawn in by the Christmas music, he begins to realize that change can be a good thing!

This is a fun-filled novel that is about family love, has a bit of romance, and some colorful characters.  But mostly it's a story about people being kind to other people - not just at Christmas but all year long.   This was another great book from MKA that left me smiling and happy at the end!

If you need a second opinion, check out Donna's review.

Susan Roberts grew up in Michigan but loves the laid-back life at her home in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where she is two hours from the beach to the east and the mountains in the west.  She reads almost anything but her favorite genres are Southern Fiction and Historical Fiction.  You can connect with her on Facebook.

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