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July 2, 2024

Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal ~ A Review

by Susan Roberts

Welcome to Glorious Tuga
by Francesca Segal is full of eccentric characters who all live on a small, remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean.  It's about family and community and how to make a place feel like home whether it's your first time there or if you are returning after a long absence.

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book cover of women's fiction novel Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal
July 2024; Ecco; 978-0063360457
audio, ebook, print (336 pages); women's fiction

Charlotte is a London veterinarian who was raised by an emotionally distant mother who would never tell her anything about her father.  She and her mother had totally different outlooks on life so when Charlotte decided to go to Tuga on a fellowship to study the endangered gold coin tortoises, she left a note for her mother explaining where she was going.  Charlotte was a real conservationist and this seems like the perfect way for her to spend a year of her life.  But she has another reason for coming to Tuga -- she suspects that her biological father may have some connection to the island and she wants to find out what she can.  She is accepted by the islanders -- not just as a researcher on turtles but also as a vet who can help with all of the animals on the island.  On the trip to the island, she met Dan who was returning from London after years of training to become the island doctor.  She had developed a crush on him during the long voyage and isn't sure if they'll have a relationship when they arrive in Tuga.   The island is full of eccentric characters and it takes some time for Charlotte to accept everyone since she came from a very straight-laced life in London.  Will she accept the lifestyle on an island that time forgot and will the residents accept her as their vet and a member of their community?

This was an interesting book and I really enjoyed some of the characters - the problem for me is that there were just too many characters with too many problems.  I'd have liked more about Charlotte and a few fewer people to keep up with.  But really how can you go wrong on a tropical island??  This book is the first book in a new trilogy and I'm looking forward to book 2 in the trilogy.

Susan Roberts grew up in Michigan but loves the laid-back life at her home in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where she is two hours from the beach to the east and the mountains in the west.  She reads almost anything but her favorite genres are Southern Fiction and Historical Fiction.   

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