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July 19, 2011

Decent Chick-lit: The Undomesticated Goddess

The Undomestic GoddessThe Undomestic Goddessby Sophie Kinsella
audio book, Narrator: Katherin Kellgren
Published July 2005 by Random House Audio
ISBN 9780739321966
Listened July 2011

My librarian recommended that I read The Undomesticated Goddess when I told her I had listened to Twenties Girl (see my review here). I really liked Twenties Girl, so I went in search of The Undomesticated Goddess. It took a while for my number to come up on the digital library, but when it did I started the audio book right away.

I didn't enjoy The Undomesticated Goddess as much as Twenties Girl. The main character rubbed me the wrong way. She seemed a bit dimwitted to be a high powered lawyer at one of London's largest law firms. When she dyed her hair blonde, I thought that colored fit her personality much better. I tried to not let her lack of common sense bother be and later it explained a lot about what happened at the law firm.

There were several funny parts - I particularly liked how her to-do list was just a repetition of what she needed to do. But some of the scenes seemed contrived. Would you really knock on someone's door and ask for a glass of water with an aspirin? Maybe I read too much realistic fiction and have trouble getting lost in the fantasy that is fiction.

Overall it was a decent listen and if you are looking for a book that is like a modern day, adult fairy tale, then I recommend The Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.

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  1. I read it awhile ago and felt pretty much the same way you did. I couldn't believe that someone who was supposed to be so smart could be so stupid. Once I got over that, it had some entertaining moments. It is a perfect read for a mindless diversion.

    I still haven't gotten to check out twenties girl. I need to do this.