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July 21, 2011

A Modern Day Prophet: Convergence

Convergence Convergence (Children of Creation Book 1) by J. D. Watts
ebook, 195 pages
Published December 2010 by The Writer's Coffee Shop
ISBN 9781612130064
Read July 2011

I am slowly, but surely making it through my publisher's list of published books. I know only have 1 remaining from 2010 to read.

I was intrigued by the concept of this novel. At one point, it was pitched to me as a modern day Esther story. I knew that the plot revolved around angels and other beings that God created. I also knew that the author had a degree in Christian education. As angels is not something that has been discussed in detail during my own Christian education, I wanted to see what J. D. Watts would do with it.

Right from the start, I didn't want to put the book down. J.D. did a great job with the characters. I wanted to know what would happen between Nate and Dani. I was also curious as to what role Dani would play in the great battle.

If I had one thing negative to say about Convergence it would be that I thought there could have been a bit more detail on Dani's resistance or wanting to do it on her own. I didn't get that vibe from her throughout the story. If anything was holding her back, it was her disbelief that she had a bigger role to play. I think if her "relying on her own strength" had been brought forth a bit more then, her plea at the end would have been more believable or maybe sound more desperate.

I have a few questions. I don't know if it was just overlooked plot points or if they will be explained later in the series. I won't have to wait long as Induction (book 2 of the series) will be out later this year.

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