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April 1, 2012

Sunday Shorts: Sex, Life, & Hannah

Sex, Life & Hannah by Dorota Skrzypek
Published September 2007 by adventures of Hannah - concept publishing
ISBN13: 9780976886938
Read: March 2012
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I wasn't real sure about reading this novella when I accepted because of sex being in the title. Anyone who has read my blog for a length of time knows how I feel about sex in books. While sex is the topic of conversation most the time for the characters, it is rarely seen (characters talk about their sex life, but you only occasionally get a glimpse into the bedroom.)

Whenever I'm offered a pdf to review, I always open it first on my computer to make sure the file works. I'm so glad that I did. The layout of the book is what really caught my eye. From the cover you can see that it is mocked up like a magazine. The magazine concept continues throughout the novella as you can see in this screen shot.

While I loved the concept, there were a few instances of it interfering with my reading on my Nook. But it definitely earned brownie points for creativity.

Sex, Life, & Hannah is a cute chick lit novella. It felt a little like Bridget Jones's Diary (I've only watched the movie, not read the book). Actually it read more like  a movie in my head than a book. I kept thinking it was like the "confessional" scenes in He's Just Not That Into You. Sex, Life & Hannah was formatted like that. You would get action scenes interspersed with Hannah's internal monologue about her life (or maybe it should be vice versa).

If you are into chick lit, then definitely check out Sex, Life, and Hannah. It is a serial novella and the second volume is also available.

Sunday Shorts is a weekly meme hosted by Cabin Goddess where short stories, novellas, and quick weekend reads are highlighted. There is also a Goodreads group where you can share your favorites even if you don't blog.

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