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April 6, 2012

Parasouls: Divine Intervention by Michele Richard (guest post)

Today, I have Michele Richard visiting to give us a little more insight into her new Sci-fi Romance series and in particular the newly released book 1 Parasouls: Divine Intervention. You may remember Michele stopped by last year to share about her debut novel Mocked by Destiny. Michele, it is great to have you here again. Thank you for stopping by.

Hello, everyone!

First: thank you, Donna, for letting me stop by today.

Second: I would like to give my opinion on the personal attacks book bloggers are receiving because they gave an author’s book three stars. I’m newly hearing of this activity. Last night on a live chat with Ali’s Bookshelf a blogger asked for my thoughts on this subject. I answered it honestly.

Writing and reading is very subjective. Not everything I write will be loved by all, and I am okay with that. I’ve been three starred. Did I take it personal? Absolutely not. I believe everyone should be welcome to share their opinions. They shouldn’t be under fire when they post it. As long as the blogger doesn’t attack the author as a person, they do not deserve to personally picked apart by the author. So with that said, blog on book bloggers, and know whether you like or don’t like a book, it is your right to say it. Thank you for allowing me to say my piece on that. I felt it was important to stand up for all those who take the time to read and blog.

And now for the reason of my visit: Parasouls ~ Divine Intervention.

This is my first Science Fiction/Fantasy/Supernatural Romance. I know the genre lines blur on this series. I searched and searched for one that would cover them precisely. It’s not out there. But again, I tend not to write the conventional stories. Yes, it’s heavy in the romance department. Sorry, Donna, I know that’s
not your favorite genre.

A parasoul is an evolutionary step ahead of the humans they co-exist with. In the first book: Divine Intervention, it’s concentrated on the soul linking of two parasouls from opposite sides. This event hasn’t been witnessed in centuries. If it’s okay I’d like to show an excerpt of the linking.

“You will fail if you fight me,” the hunter snarled, stalking closer.
His disarming good looks left me stunned, frozen in place. Staying in the shadows, he hid most of his features, but I could see the silhouette of his high cheekbones, square jawline, dark hair, and even darker eyes. A bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, and an electric charge reverberated off the bricks around me. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. In a crackling arch, the bolt flashed above, splitting in two. I felt the impact as one strike was launched into my chest.  Staring in disbelief, I saw that the lightning had hit the hunter, too. In a blink it was gone.

My eyes locked onto his, and for the first time in my life I was mesmerized. Deep in the pit of my stomach, I felt a pulling sensation that demanded I move closer to the hunter. It felt as if a hook was anchored onto my belly button and it was dragging me toward him. My feet shuffled forward by instinct. From the way he glared at me, I knew he felt it, too. That’s when I saw them - scarlet and ginger flames dancing in his palms.

We’d always been told we had a consort who was our complete opposite, though I had never heard of anyone finding theirs. Was it possible the rumors of soul linking were true? Was my fate sealed in one moment by divine intervention?

“Stop whatever you’re doing to me!” he demanded, just as shocked as me.

“It’s not me. I thought it was you!” I gasped, the draw growing in intensity.

Clenching his fist, he extinguished his flames. “Prove it.” He gestured with his hands.

Releasing a heavy breath, I opened my hands to reveal the cerulean sparks igniting on the tips
of my fingers. In a flash they glowed and pirouetted. I looked up to see his guarded expression soften. Transfixed, he stared at the blaze that flowed from my fingertips.

“So what they say is true? We do have polar opposites?”

“It would appear so. Question is: what do we do about it?” he hissed.
Before I could think about what it all meant, I was ambushed from behind. A sharp, stinging
sensation rocked my body, forcing it to collapse. His once-heated expression crumbled just before everything faded to black.

Shane and Angelique’s gifts have been more curses than gifts. They’ve both had to live with being unable to touch another soul without causing the person physical harm. These two know more than anyone else in the story that it’s not easy to fight what your head and your heart want, especially when they don’t agree. Everything to them is so new that they don’t really know the right way to react. Give them time, they’ll get there.

A lot of people have asked questions about their gifts, and I’ve only begun to touch on them in this book. But to answer a part of the questions, their gifts are emotionally charged, fluctuating and surging. So when Shane is in bed and relaxed, he’s running at his lowest temperature, still enough to burn a person with one touch, but not enough to flame his flesh and scorch his sheets. As for his clothes: sorry that answer is in book two.

We’ll also learn more about the warring factions in Parasouls ~ Dividing Lines. Each title was specifically picked to show what the book will be about. So you can already tell the next one covers why they are split between the government and the resistance parasouls. This title will have the most explanations of who they truly are and how they came to be. But that will come later.

Thank you again for letting me visit!

Michele Richard

Thank you, Michele, for sharing and even answering a few of the questions I was left with after reading Parasouls: Divine Intervention.

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  1. Great Post, Michele!! Completely agree with every word you wrote.