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July 17, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 17: My Addiction

Note: There are 8 stacks of books, one stack is obscured (you can just see a tiny bit of the corner)
 Photo a Day Challenge is hosted by Fat Mum Slim


  1. I so am NEVER showing you my book piles EVER!

  2. These are only the ones I've collected (or chose to bring) since I moved out my parents house 9 years ago. I'm also good about lending books to my Mom (who takes forever to read anything) and other people. I have 2 shelves of textbooks and devotionals not pictured plus the closet of textbooks (I seemed to always take a class the last time they were using an edition and couldn't sell them back).

  3. :-) We're in the same boat. I recently posted a picture of my books here