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July 19, 2012

Tips on Thursday: Subscribed Newsletters

I'm often asked where I find the information I blog about for my Tips post. A lot of time it is just something I've tried and feel like sharing. Other times a topic will show up in my Twitter feed and I will decide to put my two cents into the discussion (examples Review Ratings and Negative Reviews). I have a third source for content and it's also provides a lot of my "how-to" knowledge: newsletters. I thought today I would share the newsletters I subscribe to so that you too can be a blogging expert. Note, many of the newsletters are geared towards authors or business bloggers. The information, though, can be applied to book bloggers.

Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner - Tons of articles on using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. There is usually an offer for a free ebook in the newsletter. Michael also hosts webinars and subscribers receive early notice and discounts.

52 Ways to Sell More Books by Author Marketing Experts - Geared towards authors, but also a lot of information on promoting and marketing which bloggers need to do as well.

Book Marketing Expert, another newsletter from Author Marketing Experts.  It has excellent content on social media and marketing. Again geared towards authors, I've found the research done on social media interesting and useful. Also, it can provide content for your blog through the reprint permission. I actually reprinted a Facebook article from this newsletter. To subscribe send an email to

Build Book Buzz by Sandra Beckwith - tips, tactics, and tools for generating media awareness and other buzz about your books.  Another newsletter more for authors, but has great tips on generating an audience which we would all like for our blogs.

Your Turn: I don't like to get tons of emails, so I've limited the number of newsletters I subscribe to. I'm sure there are many more out there with useful information. Which newsletters do you subscribe to?

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