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July 21, 2012

The Line Between Here and Gone Tour Stop

The Line Between Here and Gone by Andrea Kane
Published June 2012 by Mira
ISBN13: 9780778313373
Read June 2012
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I wasn't really sure what to expect from The Line Between Here and Gone. The premise is definitely one I'm drawn to: An infant is fighting for his life, he's only hope is his father who is presumed dead. But is he? However, Mira is an imprint of Harlequin and I was leary. You might remember my first encounter with a Harlequin imprint: The First Victim (see my review). I was worried that there would be the ill-placed sex scene that lent nothing to the story. Oh, and I don't normally read books in a series out of order and I noticed that this was the second book in the Forensic Instincts series.

What I found was something that easily could've been an episode of Criminal Minds (I haven't watched television in a number of years, but this book had me wanting to search for the show online). I thought  the mystery was well done. There was enough complexity that the reader couldn't easily figure it out, but at the same time enough clarity and details were provided that it didn't make it too heavy for a summer pool read (I read most of it while floating on a raft in the pool).

The characters were pretty likeable. I wonder if I had read the first book I would have understood their connections a bit better. For the first time, I understood the writing tip I often see on Twitter - Show don't tell. I felt like I was told that characters had an emotional connection, but I never felt it. The story was pretty insistence that Amanda felt a strong connection to Marc (not romantic, more I guess protective or safety), but I only maybe saw a glimpse of it towards the end. 

What about the sex scene I was worried about? They were there (yes, plural). The scenes with Casey and her FBI beau felt naturally placed and didn't interrupt the story. The liaison between two other characters was brief, but felt awkward to me. Overall, though I thought it was probably on the tamer end of things considering the publisher is a Harlequin imprint.

I really enjoyed The Line Between Here and Gone. I would definitely read more of the Forensic Instincts series. If you are a fan of Criminal Minds, like crime procedurals, and enjoy ensemble casts, then you should pick up a copy of The Line Between Here and Gone.

As part of the month long blog tour, there is an excerpt scavenger hunt. You can find all the tour stops, including the other pieces of the excerpt, here.

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