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December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Reading List


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While this post is entitled Christmas Eve Reading List, I typically watch Christmas movies all day, finishing with The Muppets Christmas Carol.


Marika Christian's Phone Kitten introduces an absolutely unique, first-time-ever kind of female sleuth-a totally lovable, intelligent, downright hilarious down-home girl who happens to earn her living as a phone sex worker.

Shy, slightly overweight Emily would die if she had to talk dirty face-to-face-especially to her hot cop boy friend. She sure didn't set out to do phone sex-she wanted to be a writer. But when her BFF framed her for plagiarism, she got in a tiny financial hole and saw this ad for "phone actresses" . . . Hey, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. No pantyhose or pantsuits, no regular hours, you're your own boss, and lots of people to talk to. Guys, that is. But here's the odd thing-lots of them want to talk about more than Emily's imagined attributes; they start to think of her as the best friend they'll never have to meet. Next thing you know, one of her customers gets killed and Emily knows a lot more about it than she should. But she can't tell the nearest cop, who's also her own true love, because then he'll find out about her secret life. What's a phone kitten to do? Solve the murder herself, of course-because wouldn't it be a great story for the newspaper that wrongly fired her? It's her ticket back to her real life-if it doesn't get her killed.

Phone Kitten is your ticket to hours of giggles-so long as you're not looking for raunch. Because this is so not it. Somehow, first-time author Christian manages to handle a potentially smokin' subject with such sly wit, authentic detail, and clever writing that you'll wonder why this subject was ever considered taboo. From
Find Phone Kitten at Goodreads and Amazon

First love. A fall from social grace. Separately these things can be brutal. But together? Together they can make a girl forget who she really is and what makes her kick-ass.

In Prince Nameless, young adult author Patti Larsen takes us back to junior high, where her obsession over a boy and strong desire to fit in takes her far away from her true self and everything she loves.

As Patti recounts her true adolescent story she also interweaves in the fictional tale of a warrioress, who is also trying her best to capture the love of her Prince Nameless and ends up losing herself in the process.

With its perfect blend of fiction and non-fiction, Prince Nameless highlights Patti’s talents as a successful young adult author.

Partial proceeds go toward The Adventure Group. From
Find Prince Nameless at Goodreads and Amazon.


Gen Y has been picked apart by analysts, statistics, and trend reports, which often portray 20-somethings in negative, one-dimensional terms like "entitled" and "whiners". In this thought-provoking new book that aims to dispel these stereotypes, journalist Hannah Seligson chronicles the lives of seven individuals who embody this generation, exploring their challenges and ambitions in vivid detail and sketching a picture, through their eyes, of what life is actually like for young adults. Through these first-hand stories, readers will discover the transformational effect this enterprising, open-minded, innovative, and diverse generation is having on society. From
Find Mission: Adulthood at Goodreads, Amazon, and IndieBound.

Three generations of women. Four secrets. One stage. When matriarch Maeve Apple receives a letter in the mail that Princess & the Pauper is being remade, she believes she’s 25 again and ready to relive her stardom. Meanwhile, her daughter Bess is dealing with her mother’s dementia, her own divorce and planning her youngest daughter’s wedding - on the Luxe Weddings reality show. Bess’ eldest daughter, Kelly, has a secret of her own that could threaten her chance at love again. Curvy Gwen, the youngest, may be the star of Luxe Weddings, but she finds her heart belongs on the stage, attracted by the lights and her co-star, as they search for Maeve’s long-lost pauper and the biggest secret of all. Told in alternating points of view, Something New explores the bonds of family, love and making memories we'll never forget. From
 Find Something New at Goodreads, Amazon, and IndieBound.

What is on your reading list this week? Hoping for a certain book to be under the tree? I want to know what you are reading!

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  1. I just finished Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and this morning I began reading The Hunger Games. I've never read it before!

    1. I enjoyed The Hunger Games. I read through them really quickly though so hope to re-read them. Probably as the next movie comes out (that's what I did for the Harry Potter movies).

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Phone Kittens sounds good. I'll have to add it to my list. Here is my Monday Report. Have a great holiday!