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July 8, 2013

Bloggers & Authors Wanted: Blog Tour

Bloggers and Authors are wanted for Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour
Blog Tour: July 29 - August 16

From the publicist who introduced the world to Fifty Shades of Grey, Donna Huber is now revealing her secrets to successful blog tours. She shares tips and tricks learned through organizing over 30 tours, blasts, and promotional events for nearly 50 independently and traditionally published titles. 

Secrets revealed in this quick read include,

Planning stage decisions
Different types of tours
Recruiting bloggers and keeping requests organized
Best practice communication tips 
Tricks to making a great guest appearance
How to organize a fun (and legal) giveaway
Actions to take during the tour
Next steps once the tour is complete
Virtual tour and other promotional opportunities
When to hire a professional

In this easy to follow manual, Donna does not stop there. She spills even more of her blog tour secrets to help authors get the most out of their events by providing,

Tour checklist
Tour invite tips
Step-by-step guide to creating tour graphics
10 broad guest post topics
25 sample interview questions

Tour giveaway prizes (2): (1) $20 Gift Card, (1) 5 - 9 stop tour
July 29 Fresh Pot of Tea Review & Guest Post
July 30 Sarah Aisling Guest Post
July 31 1Book Lover's Opinion Guest Post
Aug. 1 What Shall We Blog About Today? Review & Top 10 List
Aug. 2 Jude ouvrard Interview
Aug. 3 Jamie Sheffield Interview
Aug. 4 From the desk of . . . R.E. Hargrave Interview
Aug. 5 All That's Written ... Top 10 List
Aug. 6 Italian Brat's Obsessions Review & Guest Post
Aug. 7 Author S.A. Jones Review & Book Promo
Aug. 8 Karen Pokras Toz Author Spotlight
Aug. 9 Lisa Bilbrey Guest Post
Aug. 10 Elizabeth Lawrence, Author & Professional Oddity Guest Post
Aug. 11 Aria Glazki Writes Guest Post
Aug. 12 Rose & Beps Blog Guest Post
Aug. 13 Cabin Goddess Review
Aug. 14 Killer Chicks Interview
Aug. 15
Aug. 16 Library Girl Reads & Reviews Review & Top 10 List

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