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March 14, 2014

Review: This is How You Pitch by @EdZitron

by Donna Huber

This is How You Pitch
One of the top questions I get asked about is how to write review pitches to bloggers. I have good success with bloggers, but only moderately successful with my pitches to more traditional media. I'm always looking for tips and suggestions on how to get more publicity for my clients. When I saw Ed Zitron's book in Netgalley, I thought perhaps it would help.

I did a lot of highlighting of the first few chapters. I totally agreed with what Zitron was saying as I had already encountered it. Unfortunately my copy expired, but I did make note of a couple of the quotes that I highlighted on Goodreads,

"Don't use [social media] as a marketing loudspeaker"

" need to tweet as if there is a real human being behind the account."

Again, it really isn't anything I haven't heard before. But knowing that Zitron has gone the traditional route and still came to the same conclusions is gratifying.

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But I'm getting ahead of myself as these quotes came later in the book. The first part was a lot of what I already knew as it focused on the need to network and being helpful even if it doesn't get you anything in the beginning. I thought often though that some of the authors who manage their own publicity would find this section useful (if they took the advice to heart).

Zitron assumes that the PR professional gets their start at an agency. In today's digital society and economy where anyone with an internet connection can and is forging their own path, this not necessarily true. Particularly in the indie publishing industry people are becoming publicists and image managers who have little experience in this arena. It is how I found myself where I am. I would have liked it had Zitron covered how to make initial contact when you do not have an agency handing you a contact sheet. Also, his wine and dine examples are not exactly applicable for the internet based publicist. I have had clients that I have only "talked" to over email. Skype is the closest I will come to meeting the majority of my clients as we are flung around the globe.

Even so, there is a wealth of information for those just starting out and wondering if they are doing it "right". Knowing that I already learned many of his "lessons" made me more confident that I'm on the right path. I definitely felt validation while reading This is How You Pitch.

Now the last third of the book went a little off the topic that the title indicates. It goes beyond the first years and give ideas on setting up your own agency. Again, some this wasn't totally applicable - I don't plan on expanding to the point I manage other PR professionals, but I did find the advice good "food for thought" as I strike out on my own from the beginning.

I recommend This is How You Pitch by Ed Zitron to author who manage their own public image. Also, those individuals who like me are providing services yet have no formal training or extensive experience. I should let you know that if you are thinking this book will tell you exactly what to write in your email pitch to land widespread media coverage, you will be disappointed. It is more about building relationships and how not to become a total annoyance.

Book info:
ebook & paperback
Published September 2013 by Sunflower Press
ISBN13: 9780989608015
Source: Netgalley
Read: February 2014

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