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May 19, 2014

Review: Lexicon by @MaxBarry

by Donna Huber

Go get this book! Seriously, it ranks in my Top 5 Favorite Books Ever. If you want a story you can lose yourself in, then Lexicon by Max Barry is the book you want to get.

Words have power. But what if they allowed the speaker of certain words to have complete power, control, over another? And all that the speaker needs to know is a few things about your personality to plant a command and you are compelled to do it. The speaker can plant information inside your mind without you ever knowing. What would happen if there was just one word that effected EVERYONE this way.

If you are even a little bit intrigued by conspiracy, you will be drawn into this story and start to wonder how much of it really could be true. I'm telling you now, I'm never going to take another one of those Facebook quizzes. I loved the snippets at the end of the chapters from the anonymous poster and news clips.

I really loved the character of Emily. A teenager living on the streets. She has a tough exterior, but deep down she just wants to be loved. She wants to belong, be wanted. Who doesn't want that?

Recruited to a special school, she thinks maybe she is special, maybe she will finally find a place to fit in. However, at this school emotion is forbidden and revealing your true self is dangerous. Yet, Emily's deep seated need can't be denied and she falls in love with an older student and is drawn to a teacher (in the mentor-student sense). Will this need for love be her down fall or her saving grace?

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Lexicon by Max Barry is a fast paced thriller that you can read in great chunks, but there is so much story that it won't finish quickly. I loved that. I didn't want to put it down, but usually I worry about getting to the end too fast and having the story be over. Not the case with this book. Yet, it never felt like I wouldn't get the end. There wasn't a boring moment. My only complaint was the separate time lines. As two time lines got closer to converging, it got a little hard to keep them straight. But that is really a small complaint given all the greatness.

If you are ready to get lost in a novel, then Lexicon should be your next read. But beware, it might leave you with a book hangover. It took me almost two weeks to want to pick up another novel.

Book Info:
format: paperback
published: April 2014 by Penguin Books
ISBN13: 9780143125426
source: Publisher
read: April 2014

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