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May 24, 2014

Series Saturday: What She Knew by K. R. Hughes and T. L. Burns

by Claire Rees

Book 1: Fateful Night by K.R Hughes & T.L.Burns

Fateful Night
Have you ever wondered what her life would have been like if Marilyn Monroe had lived?  And what if J.F.Kennedy had not really been shot and killed?

Whilst there are some historical facts in the story, most of it is fictional created by two amazing imaginative minds. We join the president and his family, as he socialises with society’s high rollers, that we have all read about and love from our history.

The story starts off by focusing on J.F.k’s affair with Marilyn Monroe and describes how she tried to warn him that both of their lives were in danger but he would not listen. It shows how unhappy Jackie Kennedy and the presidents family was that he was flaunting his affair in public. Was it Jackie who ordered the hit on Marilyn or Joe Kennedy, or did Marilyn really know too much about the wrong person?

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The cast is star studded with men like, Frank Sinatra, James dean and the rat pack in frequent contact with J.F.K. and his family especially his brother Robert aka Bobby Kennedy and their brother in law Peter Lawford.

K. R. Hughes and T. L. Burns theorise how her life would have been if Marilyn's death had been faked and she had been forced to give up everything, to hide in the shadows to keep herself safe, even keeping it from the man she loved and wanted to marry.

It also gives and inside peek into the life of a president and how they believe politics really worked. The story leads up to the death of the president in 1963.

The story is full of conspiracies, murder, affairs, mobsters and politics, but also of love, family, loyalty and duty.

This book was written so well that I became hooked after the first few pages. I have even researched the Kennedy family and the other members of this cast in real life so I have a clearer idea of what they looked like.

I would recommend Fateful Night to anyone who loves historical books, mysteries and “What if?” books.

Book 2: Darkest Day K.R Hughes & T.L.Burns

Darkest Day
Book two takes off where book one finishes. Marilyn is now living under the name Norma Baker and still in hiding. JF Kennedy who is literally dead to the world, is also now in hiding and is more than shocked when Marilyn walks into his hotel to help him.

Jackie Kennedy now a grieving widow is secretly sleeping with one of JF Kennedy’s oldest enemies and trying to get as much money off him as possible to keep her in the manner she has become accustomed to.
Bobby, Peter, Marilyn, Jack and a few close friends are getting closer every day to uncovering the people who attempted to kill them both. Will they ever uncover the secret or will it be buried along with their old lives?

We also get to see what the new president is getting up to and the pressures him and his wife are inder now that they have been promoted.

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Again I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to imagine what the characters will get up to next. Once again you can see that the authors have done a large amount of research into the Kennedy family and their friends/acquaintances and the other cast members.

I am very much looking forward to book three to see how the writers wrap up the mystery and what the characters will do with their lives next.

Book info:
format: ebook
published: May 2013 (book 1), September 2013 (book 2) by Master Koda Select Publishing
source: Author
read: May 2014

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