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May 20, 2014

Review: The Witch's Salvation by @FrancaPelaccia

by Claire Rees

The Witch's Salvation
In Francesca Pelaccia's The Witch's Salvation, Anasztasia and Mathias are both of royal blood but from two different families. Their families have been cursed by a witch and only they can undo the curse. In the beginning they do not like each other but when they get transported back in time  to one of the most scariest and dangerous points in their history and are only given a short period of time to help the witch to get what she needs, they are forced to help each other and eventually grow fond of each other.  They only have a short period of time to complete their quest  but they quickly gain allies and also the most dangerous of enemies. Will they survive, get the witch what she needs and save their families or will they fail and leave their families with this terrible curse forever?

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I enjoyed this story from the start but really got into it once they had time traveled. I was anxious to get to the end to see how the characters fared and I was not disappointed. The characters are really well written down to their personalities. The nice characters are lovely and the bad characters are purely diabolical and easy to hate!  The writer wraps up the story very well.  I would recommend The Witch's Salvation by Francesca Pelaccia to anyone who loves a time travel story with lots of action and adventure.

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Book Info:
format: ebook & paperback
published: April 2013
ISBN13: 9780991745401
source: Author
read: May 2014

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