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May 6, 2014

Review: Sedulity - Impact by David P. Forsyth

by Claire Rees

Get comfy and enjoy this epic journey aboard the luxury S.S Sedulity. Sedulity: Impact by David P. Forsyth is written from the viewpoint of several passengers aboard this amazing luxury ship called the S.S. Sedulity which is built to carry more than 3000 passengers.

After leaving the islands of Hawaii, the passengers witness an asteroid strike in the middle of the ocean. Luckily onboard is Kevin Sanders a local tv weather man and meteorologist who assists the captain and his crew by telling them what to expect and how they should tackle the oncoming after effects of the strike.

They suffer devastating damage to the ship and lots of passengers are killed and have serious injuries. But the ship stays afloat. For the ones left they now face a trip of survival instead of the relaxing holiday they had planned. Now they have to face earthquakes and Tsunamis. After watching the news on the ships tv’s the crew and passengers realise that a lot more lives are going to be lost on land via the earth quakes and Tsunamis and they call from special phones to warn the scientists on land. 

The ship has to now decide where it will be safe for them to dock to re-fuel. Kevin warns the captain and their families that it is not over yet, there could be huge climate changes and this could once again threaten their lives.

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I bought Sedulity by David P. Forsyth as I had read the author's previous works and had enjoyed them. This book did not disappoint, whilst it was not a zombie apocalypse but an asteroid strike it was very exciting and action packed and I found my heart beating faster at more than one point in the book. The book was expertly written and I was quite impressed with the knowledge the author had and the research that this author had done. Very much looking forward to the next book to see what happens to our survivors and the extent of damage done on land.

Book info:
format: ebook
published: March 2014
source: purchased
read: April 2014

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